Are You Louisiana Enough To Decipher ALL This LA Lingo? Bet Not!

If you're not from Louisiana, we seriously doubt you'll pass this quiz.

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 Oct 25, 2018
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Question: 1/19Pick Your Answer!

"No worries! Pass a good time," means?
Don't worry, have a good time!
Party another time
That party won't be fun

Question: 2/19Pick Your Answer!

If you order a po'boy sandwich, what's the absolute best way to get it?
"All dressed" with lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, and mayo
"All the way" with mustard, cole slaw, and chilli
"Animal style" with grilled onions

Question: 3/19Pick Your Answer!

What common French phrase meaning "let the good times roll" do Louisianians say?
"Laissez les bon temp rouler"
"Bon appetit"
"Sacré bleu"

Question: 4/19Pick Your Answer!

You've probably been called __, before, meaning love or dear.

Question: 5/19Pick Your Answer!

Louisianians know it's all about __, not snowcones.
Snowangels! Giant snowcones!
Snoballs! Similar to a snowcone, but more fluffy and less granular ice.
Snowflakes! Like a snowcone.

Question: 6/19Pick Your Answer!

What do mothers say to their babies to lull them to sleep?
"Shucks, sweetie"
"Honey bee, there"
"Do - do, little one."

Question: 7/19Pick Your Answer!

If you haven't seen someone for a while, what would you ask them?
"How's ya momma an em?"
"What's up, bro? How are you?"

Question: 8/19Pick Your Answer!

Go to a Saints game and what cheer will you hear?
"Yay Saints!"
"Who Dat!!"
"Whew, Saints!"

Question: 9/19Pick Your Answer!

"Hold, on! I'm fixin' to go out tonight!" What does that mean?
You want to got out!
You're getting ready to go out!
You're planning to go out!

Question: 10/19Pick Your Answer!

If someone tells you to "make groceries," it doesn't mean to actually make them. It means __.
Go buy them
Cook dinner
Eating leftovers

Question: 11/19Pick Your Answer!

"It'll make ya slap ya momma!" No, it's not an insult. What is it?
It means they really like something
It means it's really surprising
It means it's too spicy

Question: 12/19Pick Your Answer!

What's another way to say how are you?
Where y'been!
Where y'at!
Where y'goin!

Question: 13/19Pick Your Answer!

"Pinch the tail and suck the head." What does that phrase refer to?
Eating catfish, clearly.
Eating crawfish, of course.
Eating gators, that's for sure.

Question: 14/19Pick Your Answer!

If you're lucky, a merchant will smile and say, "Y'all come back now," and give you a little something extra as thanks. What's that called?
A bonus
A bribe

Question: 15/19Pick Your Answer!

What'll your mom say when she's telling you to put away the dishes or laundry?
Keep the dishes/laundry!
Fold the dishes/laundry!
Save the dishes/laundry!

Question: 16/19Pick Your Answer!

Which world famous festival is the celebration period before Lent?
Mardi Gras
St. Patrick's Day

Question: 17/19Pick Your Answer!

Louisianians don't get snow days, they get __ days.

Question: 18/19Pick Your Answer!

What’s another word you use for “swamp”?

Question: 19/19Pick Your Answer!

Lastly, no matter where you go, you're always proud to be from The __ State.
Pelican | Quiz Facts

Everyone knows Louisiana is home to amazing food and world class festivities, but only a true Louisianian will pass this quiz. Think you're up for the challenge?

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