BFD: Thanksgiving Doughnuts Exist

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These donuts are so worth the hike

Anyone ready to pass on a drawn-out day in the kitchen prepping turkey, cranberry sauce and dressing for Thanksgiving dinner, might want to look into a road trip to Providence Rhode Island. There a bakery called PBDonuts is serving out the "Friendsgiving" doughnut, making your Thanksgiving a one-course meal of deliciousness and putting it on a donut.


Topping an amazing brioche doughnut, is cranberry glaze, slices of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and gravy. Pretty much everything that'll be coming across your nose at the Thanksgiving table. Note:PVDonuts replaced turkey with fried chicken.


If you live in Providence or are so passionate about Friendsgiving, you're willing to make the hike, you better get to PVDonuts fast. The doughnut will only be available until Wednesday and in limited quantities.