From Russia with Love: Hacks, Hacks And More Hacks

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The government has been accused of trying to rig the US election. They've also targeted Simone Biles and Serena Williams.

The Short of It:

US officials are feeling a bit uneasy about Russia's knowledge of the upcoming presidential election.

The Longer Version of It:

The head of the NSA talked to lawmakers yesterday and raised his concerns that Russia may be trying to get its hands on the US election. The issue has sparked concern in cybersecurity officials who have been investigating two recent cyber attacks on voter registration databases that occurred in Arizona and Illinois and traced back to Russian hackers. As of now the officials are keeping information on other possible attacks on voter registration databases sealed for classified reasons.

Why would Russia care about our election anyway?

The Clinton campaign suspects that the Russian government might have their hands in the pockets of one and only GOP nominee Donald Trump. Trump claims that he's not involved with Putin in that way, it does seem like Trump has somewhat of a crush on the Russian president and has continued to talk about his leadership on the campaign trail. You might remember him encouraging a Russian hack on Clinton's inbox just a couple of months ago.

All of this and there's still more. Yesterday, the medical records of US Olympic athletes (re: Serena Williams and Simone Biles) were leaked by Russian hackers. Both medical records for the two athletes showed that officials allowed the women to use banned drugs for medicinal purposes. Memory flash: Russia saw dozens of its athletes banned from the Olympic games this year in Rio because of a state-sponsored doping scandal. Can anyone say salty much? It's not the same.

The Takeaway:

The US hasn't taken extreme action yet and many have their eyes on the government to see just what measures they'll take to make sure Russia backs off. As of now, officials believe the hacks aim at upsetting the US's credibility, stay tuned to find out if that works.