Here's The Sad News That Happened At A Turkish Wedding This Weekend

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The New York Times

Dozens dead over 70 injured.

The Short of It:

Dozens were killed in a Kirdish wedding in Turkey over the weekend when a suicide bomber attacked the venue. The tragedy doesn't just end there. Investigators believe the bombing was carried out by a child bomber who was as young as 12 years of age and had been recruited by ISIS.

The Longer Version of It:

A wedding taking place near Turkey's shared border with Syria ended in tragedy late Saturday evening in Gaziantep when a child bomber walked in to the reception and detonated a suicide vest. Along with the bride and groom, 70 people were injured in what the Turkish President Erdogan is calling the deadliest attack in Turkey of the year. At least 51 people have died. According to reports, the bride and groom, though injured, were not critically wounded. Sadly, the groom's uncle and sister have been reported to be among the dead.

The Turkish president has since gone on to blame the attack on ISIS, a terrorist group that has yet to take responsibility.

The country has faced great strife in recent months, as they have had to deal with the challenges of the brutal civil war taking place in neighboring Syria and the fallout of fleeing refugees who are crossing the border and into the country. Just months before Saturday's bombing a string of attacks including one that occurred in an airport in Istanbul have continued to terrorize the country and rock the nation. On top of all of this, you might recall the country's failed military attempt to overthrow its president in a coup, which was a wildly large indication that the country is one that is pretty divided.

The Takeaway:

If that old "Housed Divided" quote by Abraham Lincoln is any indication, Turkey could be heading to an even greater world of trouble. There's no doubt that the country will have to take a new approach to uniting its people and government to present not only a united front to ISIS, but one that is not to be messed with in an attempt to avoid these tragic occurrences.

On top of all of this, news of this act being carried out by a child bomber sparks a new fear that ISIS attacks could somehow become even more devastating with their strategy. The group has been known for kidnapping children (the kidnappings of which have happened in the thousands), putting them into sex slavery as well as forcing them to become soldiers and suicide bombers. Child suicide bombings have occurred in Iraq as well as Syria but have been seldom seen in other regions. Fingers crossed this isn't a new trend.