Florida Woman Finds God In Poopy Diaper, Plus More

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Today we've got: finding Jesus in poopy places, Blake Lively's got haters in Oakland

1. EgyptAir Flight, En Route To Cairo, Missing


The Short of It:

Last night, 66 people on board an EgyptAir plane went missing on their way from Paris to Cairo.

The Longer Version of It:

An EgyptAir flight disappeared from radar over the Mediterranean just before it was supposed to land in Egypt. The airbus, carrying 66 people, was contacted by Greek airspace controllers who tried to reach the flight's pilots to transfer control to Cairo authorities shortly before it crashed at 2:27 in the morning. French President Francois Hollande confirmed the crash this morning in a statement telling reporters, "We will draw conclusions when we have the truth about what happened," he said. "Whether it was an accident, or whether it was - and it's something that is on our minds - terrorism."

Since the crash, both Egypt and Greece implemented search-and-rescue missions and eventually found the wreckage from the plane. This comes just two months after another EgyptAir plane, on a domestic flight within Egypt, was hijacked and rerouted to Cyprus with the attacker later surrendering and releasing all of the hostages.

2. Holy Sh!t, A Florida Woman Found Jesus In Her Baby's Diaper


The Short of It:

Only Floridians would get a message from God through poo. A Florida woman believes she's received a message from God in her baby's poopy diaper.

The Longer Version of It:

We've all heard God speaks in mysterious ways. Katy Vasquez of Winter Park, Florida went to Facebook on Monday to spread the news of God's fecal word. The Florida mother wrote that she had been changing her son's diaper when she noticed a poop stain in the shape of a cross.

"It might not be the prettiest sign, but he put it where he knew I'd see it," Vasquez posted on her Facebook wall. "Hard to miss what's right there in front of you."

See the holy mess here.

Why We're Sending 🙏🙋🐊Emoji's:

Some people talk to him in tongues, some find him on toast, no surprise Florida can find him in turds.

3. Blake Lively Gets Barreled Because She Think She's Got An "L.A. Face With an Oakland Booty"


The Short of It:

The "Gossip Girl" actress made quite a splash at Cannes this past week with her new film Café Society directed by Woody Allen. Last Thursday she made headlines over an interview she gave with Variety telling the magazine she thought of the controversial director as "empowering to women".

So of course when Lively posted a photo to Instagram of her at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival with the caption "L.A. face with an Oakland booty" fangs were ready to sink in. The Sir Mix-A-Lot reference didn't go over too well with Social Media, with many offended by the racial references it hints at.

While some of us are all like...


Some of us are all like...


For The Longer Version of It:

Get it here.

4. Elton John Has Words For N.C. Bathroom Bill


The Short of It:

Singer, Elton John weighed in on North Carolina's controversial bathroom law in an essay about the discriminatory bill.

Some Backstory:

House Bill 2, signed by Republican governor, Pat McCrory, in March, has been strongly criticized in past months for discriminating against transgender people and preventing local governments from protecting LGBT people. Th new law signed in North Carolina this past March requires transgender people to use bathrooms that do not correspond to the gender they identify with.

Since the new law was implemented various artists such as Demi Lovato and Bruce Springsteen have boycotted the state and canceled performances while the Justice Department has filed a civil rights lawsuit against the state.

The Longer Version of It:

The "Tiny Dancer" singer who married his longtime partner David Furnish back in 2014, criticized the bill in an essay writing "Forcing transgender people to use the bathroom of a gender with which they don't identify isn't just inconvenient or impractical". He went on to say that "For many, especially young students still grappling with their transition, it can be traumatic, and at worst, unsafe."

John is just one of many musicians such as Nick Jonas, Demi Lovato and Pearl Jam who have boycotted North Carolina in support of the LGBT community by canceling tour, costing the Greensboro Coliseum hundreds of thousands of dollars.

EgyptAir Flight, En Route To Cairo, Missing

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Holy Sh!t, A Florida Woman Found Jesus In Her Baby's Diaper

Blake Lively Gets Barreled Because She Think She's Got An "L.A. Face With an Oakland Booty"

Elton John Has Words For N.C. Bathroom Bill