Indiana Went Up On Tuesday, Plus More

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Today we've got: Cruz and Kasich dropping out of the race, a ten year-old officially winning at life

1. It's Trump's Party, You Can Join if You Want To

The Short of It

Donald Trump became the Republican presidential presumptive nominee yesterday after a dead set victory in the Indiana primary and after Sen. Ted Cruz's (Republican- Texas) and Gov. John Kasich's (Republican- Ohio) decision to drop out of the race.

The Longer Version of It

After sweeping wins in the Northeast primaries last week, Donald Trump took home another big win yesterday in Indiana. Following news that Trump had beat him in the Indiana primary yesterday, Sen. Cruz announced his decision to drop out of the race to a pretty disappointed audience. Today, Gov. John Kasich (Republican- Ohio), has told sources of his decision to suspend his campaign as well. While, Trump hasn't quite secured the 1,237 delegates he needs to win the nomination there isn't much in his path to prevent him from securing the nomination in June.

In response to Trumps big win in Indiana, GOP party leaders continue to disassociate themselves from Trump, but the RNC chair, Reince Priebus, basically told Republicans it's time to get on board with Trump. "My belief is that he will be the presumptive nominee," Priebus said earlier Wednesday. "You're not the presumptive nominee until you hit 1,237 [delegates] - that being the case, I'm just stating the obvious."

On the other side of the election, Sen. Bernie Sanders (Democrat - Vermont) pulled through with a win in the Hoosier State, boosting campaign morale but doing little to shakeup Clinton's 300 pledged delegate lead.

The Takeaway

The Republican and Democratic parties pretty much have nominees tied up, but still have a lot of people in denial.

2. 10-Year-Old Gets $10,000 for Probing Instagram

It's official, you're way behind in your tech skills.

The Short of It

A Finnish boy, Jani - whose last name is being withheld for privacy reasons, is the youngest person to receive Facebook's "bug bounty" reward, after finding a glitch in the company's photo sharing app, Instagram.

The Longer Version of It In 2011 the social media giant created the "bug bounty" program to strength it's digital security and reward finder's of any bugs and glitches.

Instagram, which was bought by Facebook in 2012 for 1 billion dollars, is part of the Facebook "bug bounty" program, created in 2011, under which people who spot chinks in Facebook's digital armour are given a reward. The program has rewarded over 800 finders of security breaches and malfunctions nearly 4.3 million dollars in the social network's operations.

The 10-year-old has pursued his interest in information security over the past two years by using Youtube instructional videos and found the bug after testing Instagram's comment section. The bug he found reportedly allowed other people's comments to be deleted and was fixed this past February.

3. Verizon Can Hear It's Workers Now

The Short of It

Nearly 40,000 Verizon workers who have been on strike for three weeks will get a payment of $400 million this week from a union fund to make up for lost wages and benefits.

*A Bit of Background

Three weeks ago, the workers left their jobs to protest against proposals including the outsourcing of jobs to Mexico and the Philippines, and an increase in the amount of non-union contractor installers that the company has been hiring.

The Longer Version of It

As the strike rolled into its third week yesterday, both Verizon and the union have declared that they're prepared to dig their heels in for a longer haul. Just last week, Verizon, said it planned to add thousands of more temporary workers to replace the service and installation workers who walked out in mid April. On the union side, Representatives of the Communications Workers of America stated that they were prepped for a long walk out.

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It's Trump's Party, You Can Join if You Want To

10-Year-Old Gets $10,000 for Probing Instagram

Verizon Can Hear It's Workers Now