The Only Good News On Gun Control To Talk About Today

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1. Guns: Supreme Court Let's 'Em Fly

The Short of It:

Yesterday, the Senate passed on a series of gun control measures.

The Longer Version of It:

For years, getting legislation surrounding gun control to pass has been an issue unable to progress past the federal level. After the horrific Sandy Hook massacre in 2012 that resulted in the deaths of twenty children and six adults, many thought the country would see a change in it's lax gun policies with a law implemented in April 5, 2013 by Gov. Dannel Malloy. But nothing happened. After the country's worst mass shooting last week in Orlando, Florida at a gay nightclub that ended in the death of 49 there seemed to be a sense of immediacy to push the petition that had been filed in February 2016. This because the shooter had been previously on an FBI watch list. Despite all of the gun related tragedies that have occurred in the wake of Sandy Hook, when legislation went to a Senate vote yesterday, the proposals were still given the thumbs down.

The four different measures that came from both parties were blocked by both the Democrats and the GOP. On the Democratic side, there was a call to ban anyone on FBI terror watch lists from buying a gun and the requirement of background checks for all gun purchases including buying on the internet and gun shows. Republicans wanted to put a pause on gun purchases from those on the watch list for up to three days and clarify mental health requirements for gun purchases.

The Smallest of Victories:

Here's something though, while the four gun control bills were voted down, the Supreme court allowed Connecticut and New York's statewide assault weapons to remain in place despite being challenged by a gun rights group. So that's a win for Democrats on gun control.

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Guns: Supreme Court Let's 'Em Fly