The Starbucks Frappula Frappuccino Just Made A Spooky Return

Frapula, starbucks

It's fang-licious!

Heads up, coffee addicts! Starbucks just brought back the Frappula Frappuccino to celebrate Halloween this coming Monday. That's right, here to help you on your zombie-like commute to work on Monday after a night of Halloween partying, is the "fang-alicious" frozen beverage made with a blend of white chocolate sauce, milk and ice, and layered between mocha sauce and whipped cream.

The limited-edition Frappuccino, the Frappula, will be available in stores from October 27 through the end of the day on October 31. The oddly gory looking drink is eerily delicious to slurp up, but fun for Halloween lovers ready to embrace their vampira side.

The coffee titan announced the drinks limited appearance on Twitter earlier today.


No worries though, if coffee isn't your thing, Starbucks also sells a Day of the Dead cookie, Mummy Cake pops and also has Halloween playlist that you can find on Spotify.

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