13 Things Only A True Michigander Will Understand

Kristen Bell
The Good Place via NBC

From using the palm of our hands as a map to bearing four different seasons in one day - some things only Michiganders can understand.

Michigan pride runs deep - Detroit made cars, Faygo, Better Made chips and Coney Islands are always preferred. The landscape of Michigan is truly a work of art, from the Great Lakes, to the Sleeping Bear Dunes, to the beauty of the Upper Peninsula...everything about this state is unique.

1. There's no need to use a map in Michigan when you have your hands.


With your left hand as the U.P. and your right hand as the L.P., all you have to do is point and a Michigander will know what you're getting at.

2. You know a handful of people that work in the automotive industry.


And the majority of people you know have cars that are strictly American made.

3. It's called pop. If you say otherwise, you're wrong.


Any Michigander will fight you on this. Our preferred pop is Michigan made too - Vernor's, Faygo...a good ol' Rock N' Rye can soothe the soul.

4. When talking about a Coney Island, you don't mean the Brooklyn place.


A Coney Island is a small heaven for any Michigander. These unique Greek style restaurants specialize from everything to coney dogs, gyros, sandwiches...you name it. Ugh, how good does a coney sound?

5. Detroit pride runs deep.


Don't muster a negative comment around Detroit in the presence of a Michigander. The city has gone through some difficult economic times, but it is going nowhere but up.

6. Potholes are the bane of your existence.


For the amount of construction that goes on in Michigan during the summer time, you think the plethora of potholes would be filled more often. Nope.

7. A visit to another country is a only quick drive from Detroit.


Canada is just a short stop from the D. 19 and 20 year olds love flocking to Windsor, Ontario because duh, the drinking age is 19.

8. It's pronounced Mac-ih-NAW, not Mac-ih-NAK.


Mackinac Island is yet another one of a kind Michigan destination. The worst part about this remote island and beholder of the best fudge in the nation is how few people know how to actually pronounce it correctly.

9. Experiencing all four seasons in one day is nothing new to you.


Nothing says Michigan weather more than a combination of snow, rain and sunshine all in one day.

10. Michigan lefts. Enough said.


There's no reason to wait for ages at the left turn lane when you have the glorious option that is a Michigan left.

11. The two different peninsulas are basically two different worlds.

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"Yoopers" and "trolls" live completely different lifestyles. Yoopers tough out harsher winters but are surrounded by gorgeous scenery.

12. You pour ranch on anything and everything you can.


Ranch is your dressing or dipping sauce of choice, all the time...there's no competition.

13. If it's 50 degrees or above, you're breaking out the summer clothes.


Long, harsh winters make the cabin fever feeling far too real. 50 degrees and sunny?!? Break out the swimsuits and sunblock!!!

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