Quiz: Can You Actually Finish These Classic '80s Song Titles?

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Michael Jackson via Vevo

"Hungry Like the ________"

Are you an 80s music genius? Get ready to rock out to this tricky 80s song title song and see if you can fill in the blanks to all these hit singles!

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If you know all the words to "Like A Virgin" and you can't resist belting out "Love Is A Battlefield" whenever it comes on the radio, then we have the perfect quiz for you. Look no further than this classic and iconic 80s music quiz to pass some time and have fun! How much do you actually know about the greatest musical hits to come out of the 1980s? Most people think they know 80s songs, but often times they confuse the lyrics and mix up the words... some people even mix up the titles of popular 80s songs, believe it or not! Do you think you can fill in the blank to every hit 80s song to come out of the decade? Look at song titles to your favorite classic 80s songs by Prince, Madonna, Wham!, Cyndi Lauper, Michael Jackson, The Bangles, Paula Abdul, and more and fill in the correct missing word or phrase to pass! It may not sound hard if you listened to them over and over again, but it's way harder than you think. Identify hit song titles like, "Every Breath You Take," "Livin' on a Prayer," "Don't Stop Believing," and more in this 1980s music quiz! Think you have what it takes to get a 100% on the first try? Most people won't even pass, but we know you have what it takes to give this your best shot and bring home the gold! We promise you'll be singing all these catchy 80s songs in your head the whole time you take this examination. Have fun!

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