Only A Real Local Can Ace This Tough Iowa Lingo Quiz. Up For The Challenge?

Calling all Hawkeyes! 🌽

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 Mar 01, 2019
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Question: 1/19Pick The Correct Answer!

Stop saying it wrong! Des Moines is pronounced _____!

Question: 2/19Pick The Correct Answer!

When you hear RAGBRAI, you automatically think of scores of _____.
corn fields

Question: 3/19Pick The Correct Answer!

Your aunt just have you her recipe for scotcheroos... what's in them?
White chocolate, caramel, and nugget
Vanilla, flour, and cinnamon
Peanut butter, chocolate, and rice krispies

Question: 4/19Pick The Correct Answer!

America's favorite pastime might be baseball, but Iowan's favorite pastime is definitely _____ - at least at tailgates, it is!

Question: 5/19Pick The Correct Answer!

Iowa State Fair hosts plenty of great musical acts and food vendors... but nothing beats seeing the iconic _____ made entirely of butter!

Question: 6/19Pick The Correct Answer!

If you're chowing down on a loose-meat sandwich, what are you eating?

Question: 7/19Pick The Correct Answer!

Don't look down on it because it's a general store - the best slice of pizza in the state can be bought at _____.

Question: 8/19Pick The Correct Answer!

Not a fan of the Hawkeyes? The Iowa State _____ are your go-to team then!

Question: 9/19Pick The Correct Answer!

One of the biggest crops in Iowa is obviously the _____!

Question: 10/19Pick The Correct Answer!

When you think about baseball, it always makes you want to watch _____ for the zillionth time.
Field of Dreams
Remember the Titans

Question: 11/19Pick The Correct Answer!

Let's see if you can say “Sioux City” the right way!
SUE City

Question: 12/19Pick The Correct Answer!

Chicago might have invented the Deep Dish pizza, but they've got nothing on Iowa's _____!
Buffalo pizza
Taco pizza
Greek pizza

Question: 13/19Pick The Correct Answer!

Nothing beats summertime when you can roast ears on the grill all night and eat your body weight in _____.
corn on the cob - yum!
pork chops - yum!
kebabs - yum!

Question: 14/19Pick The Correct Answer!

Finish the iconic quote! "Is this Heaven?"
"No, it's a corn field."
"No, it's Iowa."
"No, it's the Hawkeye State."

Question: 15/19Pick The Correct Answer!

Iowa is home to the world's largest _____ off Interstate 80.
truck stop

Question: 16/19Pick The Correct Answer!

If you're having fun in Altoona, Iowa chances are you're at what fun destination?
Knott's Berry Farm
Adventureland Park
Six Flags

Question: 17/19Pick The Correct Answer!

What, that's crazy! Can you believe there are more _____ than people in Iowa?

Question: 18/19Pick The Correct Answer!

Are you politically savvy? Iowa is a key state during election cycles thanks to what?
The caucuses
The lobbyists
The supreme court

Question: 19/19Pick The Correct Answer!

If you've travelled throughout the Midwest, then you already know the _____ State is the best!
Praire | Quiz Facts

Hello all! This here is a tricky nineteen question trivia quiz based on the lingo, mannerisms, slang, and local dialect that is used on a daily basis in Iowa. That's right! Iowa DOES have a unique culture that is distinctly Iowa. Whether it be what Iowans say, or how they say it, there is something different about living in this totally cornfed state. Iowa is a beautiful state, nestled in the heart of the Midwest. It shares a border with Nebraska, and is quite close to the Great Plains. Out of the fifty states of the U.S., Iowa is the 26th most extensive in terms of land area and the 30th most populous with a population of around three million. With that many people, it's no wonder that Iowa has developed its very own mannerisms and lingo. Seriously, each region and even each state has its own way of doing things. Terms like Casey's Pizza, RAGBRAI, Pork Queen, Hyvee, and pop might mean nothing to a Caifornian, but to an Iowan they mean a whole lot. Like the state's most delicious pizza, a cross-state bike ride extravaganza, a well-known grocery store, and a word all midwesterners use to talk about soda! Regional differences really do result in some interesting differences between states. Not all three million Iowa residents are going to take this quiz, and certainly not all of them could ace it. But odds are that if they've spent any amount of time in Iowa, then they're well equipped to pass this quiz. At these terms and lingo are apart of everyday life in Iowa. So Iowans, up for the challenge? Press start!