Quiz: Do You Actually Know The FULL Name Of Every Single GoT Character?

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Prove that you are a TRUE fan of HBO's hit series, "Game of Thrones" by taking this trivia quiz and see if you know the full names of all these characters.

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It's not exactly a secret that Game of Thrones has countless memorable characters who live and die in Westeros. No matter where they originally come from or what their purpose is, it seems like all of their lives connect or intersect in one way or another. Because of Game of Thrones' complex plot lines and varied characters, it can be hard to keep all of them straight. Many of the characters have difficult to pronounce or difficult to spell names, and many of the characters are related and therefore share last names. Many of the characters speak different languages and come from foreign lands, and their names reflect this diversity in culture. Many of their names are pretty tricky to remember! But just how many GoT character names do you think you'll be able to recall? We're not just going to ask you for their first names... that would be way too easy! Instead, we're going to ask you for their FULL names. Will you get all of these GoT character names correct on the first try, or will you mix to many of their names up? Don't get confused and attribute the wrong last name to a character, or risk perishing at the hands of the White Walkers! Are you up for the challenge? Only a true fan of the show or someone who has read all the books will be able to get a perfect score on this test. Hit the play button now and prove you deserve a place in the Kingdom of Westeros now!

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