Has North Korea Ever Attacked The U.S.? Which Countries Support North Korea?

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It's safe to say President Trump's threats against North Korea are making Americans nervous. While on a working vacation, Trump has kept busy by engaging in a series of back and forth threats with the North Korean government.

Which raises two important questions: Has North Korea ever attacked the U.S.? And which countries support North Korea?

Has North Korea ever attacked the U.S.?


While North Korea has threatened the United States on multiple occasions in recent history, it has never followed through with any of them.

There have been some notable small conflicts, such as the attacks and killings of U.S. service members in the demilitarized zone back in 1976.

Which countries support North Korea?


In the event of full-blown war between North Korea and the United States, it's important to predict which nations would side with whom.

Does China support North Korea?

China appears to be North Korea's largest ally, who have increased trade between themselves this year.

Does Russia support North Korea?

Russia also has expressed support for North Korea in the past, and the two countries have also increased their trade despite Russia publicly condemning North Korea's nuclear program.

Do any smaller countries support North Korea?

Smaller countries such as Bulgaria, Madagascar, and the Democratic Republic of Congo have also expressed support for North Korea at some point in the past, but they don't pose nearly as much of a threat to the U.S. as larger superpowers like China and Russia.

Although the potential threat of a North Korean attack is greater than it was just ten years ago, it is important that the United States has accurate intelligence information before President Trump declares war on North Korea.

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