Hell Hath No Fury Like A Melania Scorned, Still Swatting Trump's Tiny Hands


Did Melania Swat Donald Trump’s Hand Again?

A new viral video appears to show Melania attempting to avoid holding Donald Trump's hand yet again.

Eagle-eyed viewers have noticed a pattern in which Melania will do just about anything to prevent her husband from grabbing her hand.

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Does Melania Wear Her Coat Draped Over Her Shoulders To Avoid Holding Trump’s Hand?

A new strategy for the First Lady, she appears to be wearing her oversized yellow coat draped over her shoulders so her hands don't stick out of the arm holes.

When Trump visibly tried to grab his wife's hand, all he ended up with was a handful of fabric.

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Why Doesn’t Melania Want To Hold Donald Trump’s Hand?

This isn't the first time Melania has avoided handholding with her husband in public. She infamously swatted his hand away while on a trip to Israel, she's repeatedly held her purse in her arm nearest his hand, and she's reached up to fix her hair when he reached for her.

Many have speculated that Trump wants to hold her hand merely for show, and that she is nothing more than a prop for her. This is why she has been forced to keep her hands hidden whenever they walk together in public.

But why is she acting so cold toward her husband?

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Melania Refusing To Hold Trump’s Hand Reveals Their Marriage Is On The Rocks — Is The Stormy Daniels Affair To Blame?

Most people seem to believe that Melania's refusal to show PDA with the President is evidence that she is unhappy and a major sign that their marriage is in shambles.

The timing of her most recent handholding rejection comes in the midst of the Stormy Daniels scandal — the revelation that Trump had an affair with the porn star a mere few months after the birth of their son.

Can anyone blame Melania for being visibly angry with her cheating husband?

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What Do Experts Say About Melania And Donald Trump’s Body Language?

The cringe-worthy hand slaps and obvious avoidance seem to speak volumes about the status of the relationship between the POTUS and the FLOTUS.

According to body experts, Melania pulling away as Donald tries to take her hand shows definite tension between the two of them.

The body language of Donald and Melania Trump seems to indicate the First Lady can no longer hide her disdain for her husband.

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