The Seven Soft Staples Your Autumn Wardrobe Needs

Seventies-inspired suede, silk, and velvet are in full force for fall.

Fall is my favorite season to experiment with layers and texture. You can completely transform an outfit by throwing on a coat or adding an unexpected fabric. My favorites for this season are soft seventies-inspired staples in suede, silk, and velvet. All of these fabrics will keep you feeling warm and looking cool.

We're counting down the seven soft staples your autumn wardrobe needs!

1. A Silk Blouse

Price: $34.80

Nothing screams it's almost holiday season like a feminine silk blouse with an oversized bow.

2. A Velvet Bodysuit

Price: $58.00

We can't get enough of this unique backless bodysuit in gorgeous indigo velvet.

3. A Suede Skirt

Price: $78.00

Take your outfit from drab to fab with this military-inspired olive suede skirt.

4. A Velvet Jumpsuit

Price: $88.00

The seventies are back in style, and this head-to-toe velvet jumpsuit could not be more stylish.

5. A Velvet Dress

Price: $78.00

Try pairing a short velvet cocktail dress with over-the-knee boots to keep you feeling warm and looking stylish.

6. A Pair of Suede Boots

Price: $118.00

Would it really be fall without a pair of lace-up suede boots? (Answer: No.)

7. A Suede Coat

Price: $298.00

Seventies suede is definitely back in fashion. This retro coat looks like it came straight from the set of American Hustle.

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