Being A Woman Is Basically A “Pre-Existing Condition” Under TrumpCare

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TrumpCare targets women, especially if you've been assaulted or had a c-section.

We knew Trump had the potential to do major legislative damage when he got his tiny hands on the presidency.

But the GOP's plans for health care are especially unnerving.

The American Health Care Act (AKA TrumpCare) narrowly passed in the House of Representatives by a 217-213 vote on Thursday afternoon. Attached to the AHCA bill was the alarming "MacArthur-Meadows amendment" which, opponents argue, gives states permission to discriminate against women.

The amendment removed an ObamaCare protection that prohibited insurance companies from labeling certain health issues — that mainly impact women — as pre-existing conditions.

Under TrumpCare, states could potentially deny coverage to or raise the premiums of anyone with a medical history that includes rape, sexual assault, domestic abuse, c-sections, pregnancy, or postpartum depression.

And if history is any indicator, that's exactly what will happen.

Before the passage of Obama's Affordable Care Act, there were no regulations that clarified what could and could not be considered a pre-existing condition. In fact, eight different states allowed insurance companies to deny coverage to women or charge sky-high premiums due to these so-called "pre-existing conditions" that just so happen to affect a majority of women.

The newly passed health care bill would even allow states to target women simply for giving birth and increase their premiums four or more times higher than men — a whopping $17,000 more.

It effectively allows insurers to turn their backs to women or underhandedly price them out of their health care plans for largely gender-specific issues:

  • Nearly 15% of American women will become victims of rape and sexual assault
  • 1 in 4 women will become victims of severe domestic violence
  • 1 in 3 U.S. births are via cesarean section
  • Women give birth to nearly 4 million babies in the U.S. each year
  • Roughly 600,000 women suffer from postpartum depression each year

Women across the country have started voicing their outrage on social media:

Exploiting the experiences, struggles, and traumas of women has NO place in American health care.

Make no mistake — TrumpCare is an assault on women's health.

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