Michigan Quirks - They're Real! Can You Identify All This Telltale Lingo?

Think you know Great Lakes Lingo?

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 Mar 14, 2019
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Question: 1/21Pick Your Answer!

Your grandma just cooked some pastries full of beef, potatoes, and rutabaga for dinner!
Awesome, I love pasties!
Awesome, I love po'boys!
Awesome, I love hoagies!

Question: 2/21Pick Your Answer!

In Michigan, everyone knows deer hunting season starts on _____. And it's practically a national holiday!
October 15th
December 15th
November 15th

Question: 3/21Pick Your Answer!

What tasty local beverage is better known as "The Cure for Everything"? Seriously, drink some the next time you're under the weather.
RC Cola

Question: 4/21Pick Your Answer!

San Francisco has the iconic red Golden Gate Bridge, but Michigan has a bridge to rival it called the _____.
Maple Bridge
Michigan Bridge
Mackinac Bridge

Question: 5/21Pick Your Answer!

And you'd better pronounce that right! It's:

Question: 6/21Pick Your Answer!

The rest of the country might get four seasons, but Michigan only has two: _____ and ______. Or so Michiganders love to joke.
Summer; wet
Winter, construction
Spring, mudding

Question: 7/21Pick Your Answer!

You're not a true Michigan resident until you've actually done this quirky thing: _____.
Used your hand as a map
Used your palm as a plate
Used your foot as a doorstop

Question: 8/21Pick Your Answer!

Make sure you don't get a traffic ticket for pulling a Michigan Left!
Don't worry, I won't run a red light
Don't worry, I won't make a U-Turn
Don't worry, I won't speed

Question: 9/21Pick Your Answer!

Which huge university calls Ann Arbor home?
Michigan State University
Western Michigan University
University of Michigan

Question: 10/21Pick Your Answer!

There's seriously nothing better than a hot dog with chili, mustard, and onion for lunch.
Mmmm I love Detroit Dogs!
Mmmm I love Coney Dogs!
Mmmm I love Yooper Dogs!

Question: 11/21Pick Your Answer!

Of course you know that the Lower Peninsula sort of resembles a _____? But maybe out-of-staters have never picked up on this.

Question: 12/21Pick Your Answer!

Do you know what the heck choppers are?
Mittens, duh!
Hats, duh!
Boots, duh!

Question: 13/21Pick Your Answer!

You better know this one: what is the capital of Michigan?
Ann Arbor

Question: 14/21Pick Your Answer!

It might sound a bit mean, but the residents living under the Mackinac Bridge in the Lower Peninsula are referred to as _____.
Goblins! Ha ha
Witches! Ha ha
Trolls! Ha ha

Question: 15/21Pick Your Answer!

University of Michigan and Michigan State have their differences, but everyone can agree _____ is Enemy Number One.
Ohio State
Iowa State
University of Nebraska

Question: 16/21Pick Your Answer!

When the temperature drops, you better grab your chook, a.k.a. your _____.

Question: 17/21Pick Your Answer!

"Oh we're playing euchre? My family loves that game. I'll grab the ______!"

Question: 18/21Pick Your Answer!

Michigan's __ game is VERY strong. And don't you forget it.
Fine cheese
Jarred Jam
Craft beer

Question: 19/21Pick Your Answer!

_____ is known as the car capital of the world thanks to its contributions to the auto industry.

Question: 20/21Pick Your Answer!

Say it loud and proud - if you live on the Upper Peninsula, you know you're a true _____!

Question: 21/21Pick Your Answer!

Seriously, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. You are from the _______ State, after all.
Great Lakes
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