Quiz: Can You Decipher All This New Jersey *Lingo*? Bet Not!!

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How much of a NJ wiseguy are you?

If you hail from the great state of New Jersey, it's time to put your state knowledge to the ultimate test!

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Calling all New Jersey enthusiasts! Here is your chance to prove your wide and vast knowledge on all things Garden State. That should be the first challenge itself... do you know that New Jersey is also well-known as the Garden State? And if you DO know that, have you ever wondered why? It turns out that the nickname could be attributed to Abraham Browning of Camden, or possibly to Benjamin Franklin. Both men are known to have made comparisons of New Jersey to a garden of good things to eat, with New York and Pennsylvania on either sides of the state trying to grab out of it. No matter who said it, the nickname stuck and around 1954, the slogan was added to license plates, further cementing in the popularity of the name. If you're still reading this by now, you probably ARE a Garden State local or at least have a great interest in this East Coast state. The odds of that are pretty good since 8.9 million people call this tiny state home. Per capita, New Jersey is the most populated state. Seriously, how do you all fit into such a small area? Despite having such small land area, New Jersey still can boast 130 miles of coastline along the Atlantic Ocean and NJ locals love to luxuriate in this coastline and frequently go "down shore" as do many tourists. If you've caught onto any NJ lingo, then you might have noticed that locals sometimes call tourists Bennies. It's not a flattering comparison, sort of like a snowbird to a Floridian. But when there's 130 miles of beautiful coastline, boardwalks, saltwater taffy, and nice hot, sunny summer weather, there are bound to be tourists. As frequently as tourists visit the Jersey Shore and other popular places like Atlantic City, Jersey natives love to venture out of the state as well. Being packed in amongst a lot of other small East Coast states, it's easy to travel for weekend trips. In fact, many Northern New Jersey natives travel into New York City for work! But if you live in Southern New Jersey, you're more likely to be tripping into Philly, Pennsylvania. Now, don't even get started on the difference between North and South Jersey because there definitely is one. Some of the iconic New Jersey lingo and slang really does differ quite a bit between the two sides of the state, with the middle of the state literally falling somewhere in... the middle. But that's not to say there aren't a lot of slang similarities between the two (three?) parts of the state. Many New Jerseyans call red tomato sauce, gravy. Sandwiches become subs, and any New Jerseyan who sees another in a different state can automatically connect over which exit is theirs, or the fact that in their home state, they don't even need to pump their own gas. Pretty nice, huh? And don't even get a New Jerseyan started on Wawa, Friendly's, bagels, frappes, Taylor ham, or Bruce Springsteen. These are seriously Jersey staples. And if any of those words, phrases, restaurants were unfamiliar to you, then there's a good chance that you might not be a real New Jersey local. That's like meeting a Californian whose never heard of In'N'Out. It's just not possible. Next you'll say you don't go to Dunkin' Donuts! Sometimes locals don't realize just how much culture, flair and uniqueness their particular state or city has! But each city and state in this country really does have its own specific, distinct vibe and flair. And that's the reason you love it! Because there's nowhere else out there quite like it. Even if you move away from your home state of New Jersey, you'll always carry certain characteristics and habits with you wherever you go. And you'll be able to bond with others over them. For instance, if you meet someone else who says they wait "on line" instead of "in line' you'll be tipped off right away that you're with another East Coaster. Or if they pronounce "water" like "wooder." Or have a strong sense of pride for the New Jersey Devils. Pointing out and bonding over these distinct state characteristics can be quite fun! If you've enjoyed reading about New Jersey's distinct quirks thus far, you'll certainly enjoy this 20 question quiz that covers even more New Jersey trivia. Women.com provides a whole plethora of unique and fun two minute trivia quizzes. Whether reminiscing on New Jersey quirks, or racing through a tricky general knowledge science quiz, these brief quizzes are the perfect way to take a break from your hectic day. These quizzes are both mental breaks and mental escapes and it's even more fun to share them with friends and family after to see if they can beat your scores or remember as much about your home state as you do! Women.com has quizzes on every subject like grammar, spelling, vocabulary, mathematics, science, geography, general knowledge, movies, television shows, books, comic books, American history, general history, traveling, all fifty of the United States, plus regions, cities and so much more! That's not even mentioning the quizzes Women.com has on random hobbies and interests like knitting, sailing, and gardening. Whatever your interest may be, Women.com seriously has a quiz for it that will be able to bring a little serving of delight to your day. If you think a quiz couldn't bring a but of joy to your day, then you need to at least give one a chance before you shoot it down. You might enjoy yourself more than you think! So if you've been properly convinced now, then you should go ahead, press the start button and start quizzing yourself on your New Jersey knowledge. Just as so much culture, slang and lingo is packed into the tiny state of New Jersey, tons of culture, slang, trivia and lingo is packed into this 20 question quiz. You might not ace it on your first try, but it'll definitely be a good start. And if need be, you can enlist another New Jersey local to help you. Just no cheating!! Good luck!

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