Only 1 in 50 People Can Define These 22 Surprisingly Basic Words. Can You?

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Do you have what it takes to pass?

Only someone with a very vast vocabulary will be able to pass this test on the first try without cheating. Will you?

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Having a large vocab is definitely something to be rivaled and admired. People who read and write a lot tend to have larger vocabularies than the average person because they are constantly being introduced to new words and absorbing them slowly over a period of time. But is your vocab game as strong as you think it is? Only one way to find out - with this fun English quiz, of course!

Whether you're a bookworm or just someone who has a huge appreciation for learning new words, it's no secret that increasing your vocabulary can both expand your communication abilities and make you speak more intelligently. If you think your vocab is more advanced than the typical American's then you'll have a really good chance of passing this test. But just how well will you be able to perform? You'll only know if you take this test!

If you enjoy taking vocab quizzes, grammar tests, or any other kind of English examinations, then you'll surely have lots of fun engaging with this challenging vocab questionnaire! Even if you haven't heard of a few of these words at some point, we bet you'll be able to use the process of elimination to narrow the answer options down to the correct answer. All are welcomed to take this challenge. If you just need a break from the hectic world around you and from those excel sheets - give this quiz a try!

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