Are Women Programmed To Be Unfaithful?

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Let's call on Jesus for this one.

No one likes to be cheated on, and we all see it as a taboo thing. But what if science tells us it's in our nature to?

According to a study published in Personality and Individual Differences, women are programmed to look out for manly "affair partners" (aka, cheat) even when they're in a happy relationship.

David Buss and Cari Goetz, who led the study, believe it's because of the way life was thousands of years ago - when people didn't live past 30 and health care‚Äč was nonexistent - our ancestral women had backup plans in case their current mate died.

The research also suggests that society created the idea that being "monogamous" is how we're supposed to be, but that "women lacking a backup mate would have suffered a lapse in protection, and resources," Buss and Goetz told The Sun.

But of course, men cheat too.

Even though the paper focuses on women, it acknowledges that when men stray from home, it is likely done because of the primal instinct to obtain "reproductive success" by having sex with multiple women.

Commenting on the study, Clare Prendergast, counsellor spokesperson for the relationship charity Relate, says it's "really important not to generalize" when talking about infidelity.

"There are often multiple and complex reasons why a woman may see someone else," she told The Huffington Post UK.

The Huffington Post asked eight women what drove them to cheat on their husband, and while none of them mentioned "backup plans", there answers ranged from feeling lonely to being dissatisfied with their sex lives.

Science may say that biology causes us to cheat, but really, we have a choice to cheat or to stay faithful. Just like how we have a choice to stay away from those marvelous donuts our coworkers bring into work, or skip the gym to Netflix and wine, or to stay out late Saturday night and miss Sunday morning service. Let's just agree that we all need Jesus sometimes.

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