Texas Teacher Wants Homework To Be Eating, Reading and Playing

brandy young, teacher

Young keeping the kids young!

Texas teacher Brandy Young gives her students and their families homework...minus the work.

A second-grade teacher at Godley Elementary School in Godley, Texas, Young wrote in a letter to her students' families that after "much research over the summer," students will not be assigned any homework other than any school work that was not finished during the day, according to People Magazine.

"Research has been unable to prove that homework improves student performance," Young added in the letter, which was given to parents during a Meet the Teacher night. "Rather, I ask that you spend your evenings doing things that are proven to correlate with student success."

Young understands that there's a lot children can and should learn from their parents - from playing outside (not glued to screens), from spending time together with their loved ones, and from just being a kid.

Adults don't like working overtime. Neither will kids.

Samantha Gallagher, whose 7-year-old daughter Brooke, is in Young's class, is completely gung ho about Young's strategy, and shared the letter on her Facebook page, which has been shared more than 70,000 times.


"I think at the age Brooke is, 8 hours of school is enough. While reinforcing what they learn at school is important, the things they learn at home through creative play and family time are equally as important," Gallagher told People Magazine.

"This will allow more time in the evening for her to just be a kid," she continues. "She loves to read and do gymnastics and this will allow more time for those activities."

And since Brooke went back to school, she's been loving it as well.

"She is super excited about the policy and absolutely adores Mrs. Young," Gallagher says. "She says her classroom is a lot of fun!"

Young says she hopes her policy will start a larger conversation about homework in all grades.

"I'm just trying to be innovative — I really want to be a leader of my classroom," she told POPSUGAR. "As a mom and as a teacher, [I found that] a lot of homework just wasn't necessary, and it wasn't the right thing for my students."

Ms. Young, keep keeping the kids young!

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