Quiz: Which Grey's Character Would Be Your Date To the "Hospital Prom"?

It's prom season at the hospital on Grey's Anatomy, and everyone is showing up with a date. Take this quiz to find out which character is the perfect date for you!

cristina callie and meredith at the hospital prom on grey's anatomy
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
 Dec 15, 2018
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Question: 1/20Pick an answer!

How do you feel about dressing up?
I don't mind dressing up on certain occasions.
I'd honestly rather do anything but dress up!
I love to dress up and look fancy!

Question: 2/20Pick an answer!

What's the most exciting part of a party for you?
The drinks
The food
The dancing

Question: 3/20Pick an answer!

Which color dress would you rather wear?

Question: 4/20Choose an answer!

What time do you like to arrive to big events?
Right on time
Fashionably late

Question: 5/20Pick an answer!

What would you do if you brought a date to prom that you ended up disliking?
Tell him you're not really interested anymore.
Say you're going to the bathroom and ditch him for your friends.
Hang out with him anyway because you feel bad.

Question: 6/20Choose an answer!

How long does it take you to get ready?
A very long time.
An average amount of time.
A very short amount of time.

Question: 7/20Choose an answer!

What type of alcohol are you ordering at the bar?

Question: 8/20Choose an answer!

Which type of liquor do you like best?

Question: 9/20Choose an answer!

How do you feel about your current job?
I love my job more than anything!
I hate it and want to start something new.
Every day is different, but it's not bad.

Question: 10/20Choose an answer!

Which surgical specialty do you find most fascinating?
Pediatric surgery
Cardiothoracic surgery

Question: 11/20Choose an answer!

Which holiday is your favorite?

Question: 12/20Choose an answer!

How do you see yourself behaving at the prom?
Hiding in bathroom until it ends.
Sitting around and socializing with your friends.
Tearing up the dance floor all night.

Question: 13/20Choose an answer!

The DJ calls all the couples to the dance floor but your date is in the bathroom, what do you do?
Steal someone else's date for the dance.
Dance with a girlfriend instead.
Wait for your date to get back to dance together.

Question: 14/20Choose an answer!

The prom is over but you're hungry when you get home, what do you do?
Cook something up yourself.
Order delivery to your house.
Take out the leftovers that you stole from your purse.

Question: 15/20Choose an answer!

How would you rather show up to prom?
With a date that you're interested in.
With your group of girlfriends.
Single and ready to mingle!

Question: 16/20Choose an answer!

What do your Friday nights look like?
Party, party, party!
Going to bed early after a long week of work.
Watching a movie or drinking wine with friends.

Question: 17/20Choose an answer!

How long do you want your dress to be?

Question: 18/20Choose an answer!

Which type of music do you like best?
Hip hop

Question: 19/20Choose an answer!

Which type of food do you like best?

Question: 20/20Choose an answer!

What color hair do you like best on a guy?
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