What Burger Chain is The Greatest of All Time? Rank Them Now!

food, close up of burger with bacon
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Nothing says America like a classic burger chain! The way some of these chains have their restaurants set up might even make you feel like you're back in the 1950s. The best restaurants aren't just about the quality of the food, but the service and atmosphere as well.

Burgers chains usually do a pretty good job on the hospitality end. A trip to get a burger and a milkshake is an entire experience on it's own-- that's why you and your friends always post it on up on the 'gram. Don't worry, we're all guilty of it!

What are some of your favorite burger chains? We put together a list of some of our favorites, you'd probably agree! So go ahead and take a look, ranking your top choices.

  • Five Guys

    Community Score: 10
    via Instagram: @fiveguys

    This chain prides themselves on the quality of their hamburgers, hotdogs, and fries.

  • Steak 'n Shake

    Community Score: 8
    via Instagram: @steaknshake

    This famous burger joint is home to the original Steakburger since 1934.

  • In-N-Out Burger

    Community Score: 7
    via Instagram: @innout

    In-N-Out Burger has been serving high quality burgers, fries, and shakes since 1948.

  • Sonic Drive-In

    Community Score: 4
    via Instagram: @sonicdrivein

    Sonic is modeled as a drive-in fast-food restaurant, promising great food and an interactive experience.

  • White Castle

    Community Score: 4
    via Instagram: @whitecastle

    Famous for it's tiny square hamburgers, White Castle has been an American favorite since 1921.

  • Shake Shack

    Community Score: 2
    via Instagram: @shakeshack

    Shake Shack is a modern day roadside burger stand that will definitely satisfy all your cravings.

  • Red Robin

    Community Score: -1
    via Instagram: @redrobinburgers

    Red Robin is famously known for their gourmet-style burgers.

  • Johnny Rockets

    Community Score: -4
    via Instagram: @johnnyrockets

    Johnny Rockets not only makes excellent burgers, but has a fun 1950s diner-style environment for its patrons.

  • Carl's Jr.

    Community Score: -7
    via Instagram: @carlsjr

    Beginning as a hotdog cart in the streets of LA, Carl's Jr. now has many restaurants across North America.

  • Whataburger

    Community Score: -7
    via Instagram: @whataburger

    Founded in Texas in 1950, Whataburger is one of the top fast food chains in America.