35 Bridal Shower Instagram Captions


So you've attended the bridal shower and took tons of photos-- what's next? Post them up! Check out these 35 bridal shower Instagram captions we've found for you.


35 Bridal Shower Instagram Captions

There's nothing more exciting than the first step before the wedding-- the bridal shower! So what's next? Instagram pictures of course! We've found some cute, funny, and sentimental bridal shower Instagram captions to spice up your profile. Whether you've gotten the honor of being selected as a bridesmaid, or someone you recently met has invited you, one necessity of a bridal shower is taking photos. Make the bride feel like the queen she is with these quirky captions for bridal showers, and get ready for the big day!


"Bridesmaid for a day, best friend for life."

"From sisters to bridesmaids."

"She's going to make a beautiful bride."

"Who know she'd be the first one to get married?!"

"One down, who's next?!"


"Bride tribe."

"This is just the beginning of something beautiful."

"Pop the bubbly, she's getting a hubby!"

"These tans will fade, but the memories will last a lifetime."

"Life was meant for great friends and even greater adventures."


"Squad goals."

"Girls just want to have fun."

"Live for the memories you can't put into words."

"No one will ever be as entertained by us."

"After this, pizza!"


"Pop the champagne, she's changing her name!"

"She got someone hot to tie the knot."

"Welcome to the ‘I Do' crew."

"I'm just here for the dress!"

"So… where's the champagne?!"


"I can't believe we're old enough for you to be getting married. What's next, getting pregnant on purpose?"

"Thanks for making us a part of your big day."

"Often a bridesmaid, but never a bride."

"I'm one of those people who has always been a bridesmaid."

"More like the Maid of Dishonor."


"A happy bridesmaid makes a happy bride."

"Little things make big days."

"And so, our adventure truly begins here."

"He finally put a ring on it!"

"Level up."


"The best is yet to come."

"You call it chaos; we call it family."

"I can't really see another squad tryna cross us."

"Find your tribe, love them hard."

"It's always better when we're together."