18 Shows Like 'Jersey Shore'

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Jersey Shore is the perfect mix of comedy and reality. We've put together a list of 18 shows similar to Jersey Shore that you can watch right now!


18 Shows Like 'Jersey Shore'

We all remember when we looked forward to new episodes of MTV's Jersey Shore airing every week. There are tons of shows like Jersey Shore for you to watch and get your GTL on. Spinoff shows like 'Snooki & JWoww' and 'The Pauly D Project' follow some of the stars past their lives together on the shore. If you're looking to meet an entirely new crazy cast, check out shows like 'Super Shore' or 'Summer House'. Check out the entire list of shows we put together to give you the perfect Jersey Shore fix.

1. Snooki & Jwoww


The adventures of Jersey Shore don't end when Snooki and Jwoww take on the real world as roommates in New Jersey.

2. The Pauly D Project


Outside of the 'Shore' house, Pauly D maintains his cool side while pursuing a serious career plan.

3. Super Shore


Super Shore follows the lives of nine young people seeking to spend the summer living together in different parts of southern Europe.

4. Gandía Shore


Gandía Shore is Spain's version of Jersey Shore.

5. The Show With Vinny


This reality series follows the life of Jersey Shore's Vinny as he hosts celebrity guests at his home in Staten Island.

6. Acapulco Shore


Acapulco Shore follows a group of strangers thrown into the same house for the summer to see what kind of craziness they can get into.

7. Geordie Shore


Geordie Shore follows eight young men and women as they take over Newcastle-upon-Tyne's famous party scene for the summer.

8. Famously Single


Finding love as a celebrity isn't as easy as it sounds. This series follows celebrities who turn to experts to guide them on their quest for love.

9. Summer House


This series follows a group of nine friends who spend every weekend of their summer at a house together in Montauk, while returning to their jobs during the week.

10. My Big Friggin' Wedding


Five couples show how if the "Jersey Shore" cast walked down the aisle, you'd get "My Big Friggin' Wedding."

11. Ex On The Beach


All is well for these eight single guys and girls headed to the beach for the summer, until their ex's show up!

12. 16 And Pregnant


MTV's documentary series, 16 And Pregnant follows the lives of the challenges these young women face upon becoming mothers.

13. Jerseylicious


Jerseylicious follows the drama and stress of a high-end salon that just received a complete makeover.

14. Vanderpump Rules


For Lisa Vanderpump and the employees of SUR, drama seems to be their favorite pastime.

15. The Hills


This series follows the lives of several young adults who make their way through unstable relationships and rumors.

16. Bad Girls Club


This series follows a group of "bad girls" as they are moved into a house in LA together and dive into their personal lives.

17. My Super Sweet 16


This reality series follows 15-year-olds who obsess over planning the most expensive, over-the-top sweet 16 parties imaginable.

18. True Life


This documentary series uses first-person perspective to follow the lives of members of unseen parts of society.