Who Is The Worst American President in History? Vote Today!

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Sometimes we elect bad presidents--welcome to America! Although every U.S. president has definitely had their flaws, some are just unanimously god-awful. Us Americans saw right through their lies, even going as far as to impeach some.

We'll cut them some slack, though, it can't be easy to run an entire country. However, you must be held to some sort of standard in a position like that.

Can you think of some of the worst U.S. presidents off the top of your head? We're put together a list of 10 of the worst presidents in U.S. history, go ahead and rank them!

Richard Nixon

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Maybe President Nixon wouldn't have been so bad if it wasn't for the entire stunt he pulled with the Watergate Scandal.

Donald Trump

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Since his election in 2016, President Trump hasn't made it easy for Americans to like him!

George W. Bush

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As the 43rd President of the United States, President Bush's name hasn't left the best legacy. A lot of people blame him for making our nation unstable.

John F. Kennedy

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Often times regarded as the greatest President in history, John F. Kennedy's presidentially was tragically cut too short.

Bill Clinton

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Although his overall presidency had many respectable achievements, he was nearly removed from office due to impeachment.

Barack Obama

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President Obama served eight years in office, guiding the country through the great recession.

Ronald Reagan

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President Reagan guided the United States through the 1980s, a time known for economic growth and a strengthened national defense.

Jimmy Carter

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President Carter's biggest setbacks were economic stagnation and extreme circumstances like the Iran hostage situation.

Gerald Ford

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President Ford assumed the presidency after Nixon's resignation. He didn't do too bad considering the circumstances.

George H. W. Bush

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President Bush recognized and faced many challenges of a dramatically changing world.