6 Best Dating Over 50 Blogs to Read for Advice

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Find All the Relationship Advice You Need on These Dating Over 50 Blogs

We don't know about you, but we need all the help we can get when it comes to dating.

While we can turn to our friends and family, we prefer to seek out advice on the internet instead. Besides, we know our friends and family and they wouldn't give us the advice we really want. Plus, we don't feel entirely comfortable sharing every little detail about our dating lives with them.

Needless to say, the web is oversaturated with bad information and fake news, so finding good advice isn't all that easy.

When in doubt, we turn to these six dating over 50 blogs to get the tips and tricks we need to make dating a little easier on ourselves.

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Maturity Dating

Maturity Dating is a dating site for singles over 50 looking for love in the UK. If you're not based overseas, you can still access their blog, which is riddled with a ton of important information about dating over the age of 50. Find their essential online dating tips for women over 50 here.

Find a Quality Man

Run by best-selling author, speaker, love coach, and dating expert Lisa Copeland, Find a Quality Man aims to help women find a quality man when dating after 50. Reading through her content, you'll feel immediately empowered to own your dating life. Discover what might be ruining your chances at finding love after 50 here.


Stitch is also a dating site for those over 50 that features a blog to give singles the advice they seek on dating and much more. You're sure to find the companionship you're looking for on Stitch.

Over 50 Dating Sites

Over 50 Dating Sites is a great resource to use when comparing which dating site you want to sign up for. They've compared and contrasted them all to break it down for you in the easiest way possible. Plus, they have a blog portion that'll run through the do's and don'ts of 50 plus dating.

50 More

Find love and friendship after 50 with the help of 50 More. Online dating is a tricky world to navigate after 50, but this blog will help you get through it with the greatest of ease. They even go over some safety tips to be aware of here.

Sit Along

This dating blog for men and women over 50 hasn't been updated in some time, but their advice is still sound. From things that keep you from dating to how to know if your relationship is getting serious, they tackle it all.

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