I Wore a Top Designed by Go Get Glitter to Coachella

Girl wearing a top made out of Go Get Glitter
Photo courtesy of Ashley Locke

It taught me a major lesson in body confidence.

I Wore a Top Made Entirely Out of Glitter (and Nothing Else) to Coachella

I have never been the most confident in my own skin.

For as long as I can remember, I've struggled with body image issues. I might not "look the part," but my relationship with my body has often been strained.

Recently, I've been more proactive in strengthening that bond. Little did I know the thing that would talk me off the ledge of diving deep into the waters of self-hatred was rocking nothing but glitter on my chest to Coachella.

Photo courtesy of Ashley Locke

For this year's festival, I wanted to do something grand. Last year was the first year I had attended and I didn't entirely know much about how to dress for the occasion, though I was able to through something together that garnered just the right amount of attention.

This time around, I was ready to go full 'chella (as the kids probably don't say).

I have been obsessed with this company called Go Get Glitter since I was first introduced to them at Beautycon, where I got a little taste of their magical glitter skills.

Not only do their gems and sparkles allow you to create intricate face makeup, they're known for their glitter clothes. Yes, that means clothes made entirely out of their glitter and nothing more.

So, to push myself all the way out of my comfort zone and into another dimension, I reached out to see if they'd help me get ready for Coachella. Sure enough, they agreed and said they'd be more than willing to help me with this assignment. I don't think they realized how much they helped me until now.

The night before I was set to get painted in glitter, I was more nervous than I'd ever been. I kept telling myself to opt out of the full-on top and go for some fun face makeup instead, but a little voice inside me said I needed to go through with this. There was no holding back.

When the Go Get Glitter girls arrived in the morning to get me ready, I felt far more at ease. They made me feel confident and free, almost as if wearing a glitter top was no big deal.

The application process didn't take long at all, and after about 10 or 15 minutes, I was ready for my closeup.

Photo courtesy of Ashley Locke

Because I got dressed early, my coworker Sophie and I had some downtime before we needed to head out to the festival grounds. We lounged around in her parent's backyard playing with their adorable dogs, when suddenly her mom walked out to say hello.

I had a brief moment of panic, as I realized I was meeting her for the first time with a chest completely covered in glitter. She definitely noticed, but quickly mentioned I was a brave woman for stepping out in basically a birthday suit. Knowing that Sophie's mom is also a former spy made that compliment all the more rewarding to receive. When a former spy calls you brave, you're brave.

After some chitchat and quality time with the pups, it was time to get fully decked out and get our Coachella on.

I applied a few more gemstones to my face to complete the look and rocked a pair of black shorts to complete the look. I brought a dark denim jacket for the evening, though I knew I would be using it as more of a security blanket throughout the festival.

Once we arrived and finally parked, I had to take a deep breath and give myself a mini pep talk before walking out without a shirt on. I put the jacket on almost immediately. I could feel people staring and I didn't know how I felt about it.

When we made it inside, I was adamant about getting as many pictures as possible before I sweat off all the glitter. It was then I took off my jacket and walked around freely. I received a few compliments right off the bat from individuals who felt genuinely supportive of my outfit choice.

Walking around the rest of the day, I found this new sense of confidence. I had never felt closer to my body than in that moment. Then we went to the Heineken House and everything changed. The vibes I got from people were so much more judgmental than anywhere in the festival. Everywhere I looked, someone was pointing me out to their friend and snickering with one another. Normally, I'd let that affect me. I'd sink into the corner to hide from it all. This time, however, was different. It was as if the glitter top gave me some sort of superpowers. It's reflective glow was almost like armor for deflecting negative comments. I didn't care that they had some words for my getup, because I loved what I was wearing. I was feeling myself to the highest degree and no one could take that away from me.

It was then I realized that body confidence doesn't just stem from me, but also how I react to others. I may say I love myself in the mirror every morning before I start the day, but if I allow someone's remark about my shoulders being too wide or my face being too long to rain on my parade, that doesn't really help me.

I can't believe it took me wearing a glitter top to Coachella to finally realize this, but here we are.

The rest of the day was amazing, with night one ending on such an empowering note. When we finally made it back to our home away from home and I was forced to part with the glitter top, it was more difficult than I had anticipated. I felt like Wonder Woman taking off her powerful getup to blend in with society.

The glitter and jewels disappeared, but the lesson stayed with me. It's only been a few days since Coachella Weekend One has come to a close, yet I'm still buzzing from my new found body confidence.

If you're heading out to the desert for Coachella Weekend Two and want to go all out, I highly recommend wearing a top from Go Get Glitter. You'll not only stand out, but it might increase your body confidence as well.

Photo courtesy of Ashley Locke

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