Learn to Make Italian Pasta With Pasta Grannies on YouTube

95 year old Rachele making 'maccheroni a descita' on the Pasta Grannies YouTube channel
Pasta Grannies via YouTube

Discover how to cook authentic Italian pasta just like nonne would make!

We've been down our fair share of YouTube rabbit holes.

One minute we're watching an educational TED Talk about managing stress, and the next we're watching conspiracy videos about the Earth being flat.

No two YouTube sessions are ever the same, but our latest one led us to one of the greatest channels we've ever come across—Pasta Grannies.

Founded by Vicky Bennison, a food-lover and author of The Taste of a Place, she created the channel with the intent of showcasing Italian women who make authentic and traditional pasta like no other.

As cooking has become more of a commercial activity, Bennison uses her channel to celebrate the pasta-making grannies and their stories through videos.

We were drawn in quickly by the thought of pasta, but stayed to hear the heartfelt stories these nonnes had to share with the world.

It almost feels as if you're there with them, getting the full Italian pasta-making experience in the most authentic and honest way possible. What we wouldn't give to actually be with them in their kitchens.

What's so inspiring is the level of dedication these grannies have when it comes to hand-making their delicious and savory pasta dishes. Italian cuisine is no joke, as far as these women are concerned.

Some of our favorite stories include this video featuring 95-year-old Rachele making maccheroni a descita. Just look at her smiling while holding her completed dish!

And watching the oldest pasta-making granny in the world create a Sardinian pasta speciality called macarrones de ungia is a sight to see.

How could we turn down a tortelloni masterclass? It's the best pasta, and don't you dare try to fight us on that.

We could continue sharing our favorite videos with you until we've shown you all of them, but we'll let you discover some more on your own.

Enjoy the entire Pasta Grannies series here, but be sure to pace yourself. If you watch them all too quickly, you'll find yourself drooling over your screen and ordering a month's worth of pasta... not speaking from experience or anything.

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