10 Most Common Questions About Period Sex, Answered

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Yes, you can have sex on your period.

Answers for Common Questions About Period Sex

Period sex.

Some people are down with it, some couldn't do it if they were paid $1 million to get it on during that time of the month.

Wherever you stand on it, chances are you have a handful of questions about banging it out when Mother Nature pays you a visit.

To satisfy your curiosity, we're answering 10 of the most common questions about period sex below:

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1. Can You Have Sex on Your Period?

The most common question people have about period sex is whether or not you can actually do the deed. Turns out, you totally can, if that's something that floats your boat. If you're not a fan of it, then you don't have to do it. When it comes down to it, having sex on your period is all about personal preference. You still should have protected sex, because even though you're on your period, there's still a chance you could get pregnant.

There are also a handful of benefits associated with having sex on your period, including relief from cramps and headaches, shorter periods, increased sex drive, natural lubrication, and more.

2. Does Your Period Stop During Sex?

Having sex during your period can be a little bit messy because of what's going on in your nether regions, but does it stop when you're being penetrated? The short answer is no. The longer answer is that it all depends on your body. More often than not, you'll still continue to bleed during intercourse. If you want to minimize the mess, do it in missionary (we know, we know) or ever lay a towel down.

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3. Can You Get Your Period During Sex?

If it's time for your period to come, it'll come. It doesn't matter what (or in this case, who) you're doing—if it's that time of the month, there's nothing you can do to stop it. So long answer short, you can definitely start your period during sex. If it happens, don't feel weird about it. Getting your period is natural for anyone with a female reproductive system, so don't feel embarrassed.

4. Can Having Sex Make Your Period Late?

Having sex right before you're about to start your period can possibly delay it. That being said, it'll only delay it by up to a day. So if you were supposed to start and never got it for the month, you might want to take a pregnancy test just to be safe.

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5. Can Sex Start Your Period?

While the verdict may not be entirely clear whether on not sex delays your period, much more is known about whether or not it can induce your period. Sex increases blood flow to the vagina, which stimulates it to contract. So if you're looking to induce your period overnight, having sex is a perfect way to kickstart it. That being said, it'll only work if you have an orgasm. If your partner can't get you off, do it yourself.

6. Is It Safe to Have Sex After Your Period?

Yes, as long as you're being safe while doing it. This means using a condom to protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy and STDs. You can have sex on or off your period, just be sure to wrap it up.

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7. Do Guys Like Period Sex?

Some guys are cool with it, some aren't. It's all a personal preference issue when it comes down to it. The important thing to remember is that both you and your partner are on the same page about it. If one of you want to have sex and the other doesn't, that's that. Don't try to convince the other that they should have sex with you. If one of you isn't about it, you both aren't. End of discussion.

8. Is It Safe to Have Unprotected Sex on the First Day of Your Period?

It is never safe to have unprotected sex, ever. You put yourself at risk for multiple STDs and can even get pregnant. Though you're less likely to get pregnant if you have unprotected sex just after your period ends, there's still a chance.

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9. Can Menstrual Blood Cause Infection for a Male?

Your period alone can't cause an infection. The only way it'll cause an infection in your partner is if you already have an infection. The only way to be sure you don't have a STI or STD is to get tested. Don't assume that you're clean until you get those results back.

10. Can You Get an STD From Period Blood?

Similar to the question above, menstrual blood is not harmful in anyway. The only way you'll contract a STD is if your partner already has one. This is why it's imperative that you practice safe sex every single time you do it. And don't rule out getting tested regularly. Just because you were clean a few years ago, doesn't mean you are now—especially if you've had sex with new partners.

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