Why You Should Buy These $17 White Sneakers From Target

A pair of white sneakers from Target
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Best $17 I've ever spent.

Why the Only Tennis Shoes I'll Purchase Are These $17 White Sneakers From Target

You can tell a lot about a person by their shoes... or so I've been told.

Looking at my kicks, one could guess I'm well-traveled, always on the go, addicted to comfort, and cheap. A better word would be inexpensive, but no, I'm cheap. I have no problem admitting that.

Where others have no problem shelling out hundreds of dollars for the best threads money can buy, I prefer to waste my hard-earned cash on concert tickets, food, and the very rare trip to a random location in the United States.

It's not that I have anything against purchasing higher-quality clothes, shoes, and accessories, I've just always felt guilty doing so. Even when my mom would take me and my siblings back-to-school shopping, I would only look at items that were on sale. Mainly so my mother didn't have to spend more money than necessary on a new wardrobe that would never see the light of day, but also so there was more cash to go around for my brother and sisters.

None of this has anything to do with the $17 shoes from Target I cherish more than my newly acquired passport, but to shed some light on why I'm a cheap bitch—which I say lovingly and without shame.

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Back to my childhood we go for one moment longer.

I grew up wearing Converse and Vans. It was usually a rotation between the two, up until I reached high school and was able to wear flip flops (Ah, the sweet bit of freedom I was given attending a public school in Southern California).

I lived in my Havaianas sandals. And I mean that very literally. Even on days it rained, which didn't happen all that often, I'd still wear them and slip and slide my way from classroom to classroom without fear of falling flat on my face.

Once I went off to college, I wanted to be more independent (as any 18-year-old does), so I vowed to purchase my own wardrobe for my first semester. It was then I realized how ridiculously overpriced the shoes from Converse, Vans, and Havaianas. I did not have the budget to be making these types of purchases, seeing as I didn't have a budget to begin with.

After discovering a Target gift card buried below gum wrappers and unnecessary receipts, I decided to head on over to the retailer. Surely, they would have something I could afford—and boy, did they.

Photo courtesy of Ashley Locke

I walked directly towards the shoe section and found a pair of white sneakers for $17 that my gift card covered. From that fateful August afternoon on, I vowed to never purchase a pair of tennis shoes that weren't this exact pair from Target.

What makes them so special? You're probably wondering. The answer is nothing and everything. They're plain white sneakers with a thin black line circling the top of the rubber sole. They're simple and clean, so they pair well with any outfit imaginable. I know, because I've worn them with dresses, skirts, and the classic jeans and band tee combo (my everyday go-to).

These shoes are incredibly comfortable and are actually sized correctly. As a woman with large feet (I'm a size 10), finding shoes can be a somewhat painstaking process. Many places won't carry sizes that high or they're much smaller than normal. But a size 10 in these kicks fit more perfect than I can imagine. They're roomy enough for me to wiggle my toes, but I don't feel as if they'd fly off if I decide to come out of retirement from crowdsurfing.

Apart from concerts, I've worn these shoes everywhere you could imagine. They've been strapped to my feet during music festivals, work events, photoshoots, birthdays, funerals, holiday parties, and more.

I create my outfits around them, because they're a staple. I'd never leave the house without wearing them, except on the rare occasion I switch it up with a pair of black booties.

They're not the best quality sneakers and they generally don't stay white for long, forcing me to replace them every year or so, but they're perfectly imperfect.

Photo courtesy of Ashely Locke

Other than being incredibly inexpensive (see what I did there) and entirely versatile, they make me feel safe, confident, and secure in who I am. There aren't a lot of shoes that have done that for me, even the sandals I wore for the entire four years of my high school career.

Something about them screams, "I got you." When I slip them on every morning before I head out the door, I know they'll deliver on that promise. They're just as much a part of me as the hair on my head, even more so.

Through thick and thin, in sickness and in health, for better or for worse, you get the picture—they're there for me.

So when I die, my one wish is that I be buried with these sneakers. That's all.

Photo courtesy of Ashley Locke

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