Here's How to Make Your Own White Claw Halloween Costume

Girls dressed as White Claws for Halloween in costumes they made themselves
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There's no shortage of ways to be White Claw this Halloween.

Show Off Your Love of the Claw in This White Claw Halloween Costume

White Claw had quite the moment in 2019. So much so, that we experienced a shortage of the spiked seltzer across the nation.

It's safe to say people have fallen under the spell of the Claw. It's us. We are those people.

Because White Claw experienced a surge in popularity this year, it makes one of the best pop culture Halloween costumes for 2019. Dressing as a can of your favorite flavor of White Claw may seem difficult, but it's actually as easy as cracking open a can of the beverage.

We rounded up everything you'll need to create your very own White Claw Halloween costume here!

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White Claw T-Shirt

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Obviously to be a can of White Claw, you'll need some sort of top that has their logo on it. You can always draw the logo on a white shirt yourself, or even print it out and stick it on. But if you're lazy and don't want to put that much work into the costume, this classic White Claw tee is your best bet.

Metallic Shorts

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Depending on which flavor you want to go as, you can find the perfect metallic color shorts for you from Perfashion on Amazon. We used the pink ones as an example, because we're all about the Black Cherry flavor. If you already have colored shorts, those would also work. We would recommend the metallic ones though, simply because they'll make you look more like a can with their shine.

White Claw

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To top off the look, you should absolutely have your own can of White Claw handy. Preferably the flavor you're dressed as. Obviously, you must be over 21 to purchase this hard seltzer.

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