Here's What to Expect From a Month-Long Wellness Program

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It wasn't all sheet masks and rainbows!

This Intensive Month-Long Wellness Program Completely Changed My Life

This year was not my year.

From endings of friendships to the loss of a loved one, 2019 really came for me hard.

As a Sagittarius, I was optimistic about this year being a good one—especially given the fact that 2019 was noted to be my Emerald Year. I was meant to be the celestial favorite of all the other signs. Sadly, it did not feel that way.

I struggled to make it through the months, with each one being worse than the last. Hit after hit, I was beginning to lose faith in everything, including myself. But then, I saw a faint light at the end of the tunnel.

Topaz Davis, a yoga teacher, energy healer, and wellness coach based in New York City posted on Girlboss about needing volunteers to test out her new custom wellness program.

I've never sent an email quicker in my life.

Shortly after pressing send, Topaz notified me I had filled the last spot for her test subjects, of sorts.

I was overjoyed. After all I had been through this year, it felt like things were finally looking up. Little did I know, they were.

This custom wellness program Topaz put together for me was nothing short of intense and overwhelming, but it was the kick in the pants I needed to take back my life.

Keep reading to learn more about my experience and how you can sign up for a custom wellness program of your very own!

What I Expected From the Custom Wellness Program

Before I signed up for this wellness program, I figured it was sort of this one-size-fits-all type of situation. You were either well or you weren't, and I certainly was not well.

I assumed this program would be a lot of yoga and meditation, which was a huge part of it, but there were so many other elements that I never thought pertained to wellness until I did this program.

I was fully convinced that slapping a sheet mask on my face could cure all my problems, not just those pertaining to my skin. Things weren't so easy, however, as I realized wellness requires that I put in the work. It's not on anyone else, but me.

Though I was expecting a program filled with peace and serenity, I got a nice wakeup call from reality. It was like being struck by lightening, and this creature was ready to come to life.

My Custom Wellness Program Experience

Before the month-long program even began, I was asked to complete a thorough survey covering everything from my eating habits to any health issues. I was incredibly honest, sharing every little detail of all the things that have been plaguing my life this year.

It was then I realized this wasn't going to be all namaste and savasana, it was going to require a lot on my part to actually get what I was seeking out of this program.

Topaz broke down the month-long wellness program into weekly chunks to make it a bit more digestible. The first week was dedicated to healing and trauma release, the second week was all about alternative living and mysticism, the third week pertained to inspiration and motivation, and the fourth week covered beauty and strength.

Week One

The first week started off with a lot of content. From reading daily motivation guides to following various yoga flows, it was jam-packed with things to do. I am curious by nature, so I loved being thrown a variety of things to do. I couldn't get enough of all the content.

One assignment I enjoyed in particular was journaling. It was something I used to do often, but fell out of quickly, as I never caught up to life. It carried over into every week, but the first week was really intense for me. It forced me to recall various traumatic experiences and essentially make peace with them. It was easier said than done, but something I'm so glad happened over the course of the first week, otherwise I don't know how this program would've continued. Because I started off forgiving myself, I was able to tackle all that was thrown my way in the weeks following.

Another bit I absolutely loved learning about was Ayurveda, a system for defining one's individual constitution. I had never heard of it up until this point, but loved that Topaz laid it all out for me throughout the duration of the wellness program.

Though it is a holistic healing system, we focused more on the diet aspect of Ayurveda. I drank and ate foods that would bring me balance in my mind-body-spirit connection, which is something I would've never known the importance of, if it weren't for this program.

Week Two

Week two was probably my favorite, as we got into all the mystical content I love. I've dabbled in spells before, but nothing as intense and exciting as this. I purchased a mortar and pestle, along with a heat proof dish that looked like a mini cauldron. It was magical.

Because week one was so packed with content, week two had a little less, but it did require I do a lot more work outside of what I was given. I had to put a lot of the teachings into practice, which was terrifying, but needed.

Week Three

Dedicated to inspiration and motivation, week three was intense to say the least. This was the toughest week for me to get through, mainly because there were so many times I wanted to give up and retreat back into my comfort zone. I wanted to eat my favorite junk foods, watch TV on an endless loop, and cease to care about the outside world.

But that breaking point I wanted never came. Neither Topaz nor I were going to let it happen, because I had come too far to turn back now. I pushed through, partaking in activities that thrusted me way out of my comfort zone, like reading poetry at a coffee shop, cutting my hair, taking a hula class.

This week of trying new things really instilled in me how much I hold myself back. I would've never in a million years thought I would read poetry in front of strangers, but I did it. And you know what? I didn't explode and it wasn't anywhere near as bad as I was expecting. I actually ended up enjoying it way more that I figured I would've, and have been going back weekly since my first reading.

Week Four

By the time week four rolled around, I figured I would be more excited for it all to be over. But, I wasn't. I was scared that once I didn't have Topaz to hold me accountable, I would revert back to my old ways.

Every assignment from the final week of the program was all about setting myself up to be successful post-program. I made a weekly schedule (yes, I'm still following it), choosing things I liked the most from the experience I had. I picked my favorite yoga poses and flows, journal assignments, meditations, and more.

The program may have ended, but my wellness journey is ongoing.

What I Gained From the Custom Wellness Program

Before this all began, I was not well. Physically, mentally, spiritually, I was run down and wanted nothing more than to sleep every single day.

Post-program, I feel rejuvenated. It was almost as if my soul was hit with a defibrillator, bringing it to life once again.

Again, I thought wellness was as easy to follow as it sounds, but it's not. We're ever-changing beings, and so our wellness practices will also need to change with that. A sheet mask won't solve all your problems, no matter how hard you try.

More than anything, I cultivated a stronger relationship with myself. I've always relied on the opinions of other people to feel validated, but that never turned out well. Now, I feel more connected with who I am and what I have to offer.

I always believed self-love was a destination I would never reach, but through this program, I've realized it's more of a journey that I will partake in day after day. I'm sailing on that river right now, and though it may be rocky at times, I won't abandon ship.

Thanks to Topaz and this program, I have a stable wellness foundation that I can now build off of each and every day. All I have to do is show up for myself.

Things You Should Know Before Participating in a Custom Wellness Program

I'm not going to sugarcoat it, this program is intense. I was asked to do a lot, plenty of which I didn't want to do. While a lot of it was fun and exciting, it's scary doing things that push you outside of your comfort zone.

During one of our weekly coaching sessions, Topaz said something that stuck with me: "It's good to be tested." Something clicked within me when I heard that. The lightbulb went on and it all made sense. Remembering that really helped me get the most out of this program.

More than anything, this program is for you. I forgot about that a few times, and often wanted to do things well to please Topaz and look good for the teacher, rather than really thinking about what I was gaining from all of this. I'd also keep that in mind when things feel too difficult—this is for you. You're here and ready to put in the work, because you know it's what you need.

My schedule is pretty easy to work with, other than having a 9-to-5. I don't do much after or before work, or even on the weekends, which gave me plenty of time to give this program my all. That might not be the case for you, but do what you can do when you can do it.

You get out of this what you're willing to put into it. The more you're there for yourself, the easier it will be to reap the rewards of such an intensive program.

How to Sign Up for a Custom Wellness Program With Topaz

I participated in the month-long wellness program, which starts at $245.

There's also a three month-long wellness program that starts at $613.

I would suggest starting with the month-long program, and if you want to continue, seeing if you can sign up for the three month-long program afterwards.

You can check out all your options on Yoga With Topaz here! And if you have any questions, be sure to email info@yogawithtopaz for more information.

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