On Bumble, If You Swipe Right On Someone Will They Know?


If you swipe right on Bumble do they know?

If you are using Bumble to meet someone special and swipe right on a Bumble profile (or two... or ten...) does the user get a notification when you swipe right? Swiping through Bumble can be a fun way to breeze by tons of single people you may know in your area. Swiping left over and over through people you are not interested can get boring, and the only way to actually match with someone is to express interest and swipe right! But, if you swipe right on Bumble do they know?

The answer is: kind of. When you swipe right on someone on Bumble, they get a notification that they have a match. However, they cannot see your profile unless they have paid for Bumble Boost. Many people use the free version of Bumble where they cannot see the profile of someone who has swiped right.

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If You Swipe Right On Bumble, They Might Find Out

Bumble is an app primarily used by young singles in big cities. While budgeting for food, rent, cell phone bills, and late night pizza, it is possible there is no room in the budget for Bumble Boost. If they do, it's no problem! They can just see the profile you have carefully put together to wow other singles in your area.

So, be confident! Swipe right all you want knowing that you can pick up plenty of Bumble users quickly and easily.