The 10 Best Meryl Streep Movies Ever Ranked By You

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The Devil Wears Prada via 20th Century Fox

Help Us Rank The 10 Best Meryl Streep Movies Ever

Although it may be hard to choose, lets rank these 10 best Meryl Streep movies ever. There are few actresses known for their versatility and class the way Meryl Streep is. She has truly done it all, and done it all well, for decades now. She has won many awards for her performances, and her work never goes unnoticed. She has sang and danced to ABBA in Mama Mia and Mama Mia Here We Go Again, and has played a number of iconic roles. From Julia Child to Margaret Thatcher, her acting truly speaks for itself. We have put together a list of her 10 best roles, help us rank them!

Devil Wears Prada

The Devil Wears Prada via 20th Century Fox

Meryl Streep as the hard ass editor and chief of a prominent fashion magazine, whose presence is the most intimidating we have seen yet? Miranda Priestly is the boss we wish we were, but never hope to have. That's all.

Julie and Julia

Columbia Pictures

This lighthearted movie where Meryl plays the legendary Julia Child, and Amy Adams plays the woman who tries to cook all her recipes, has us hungry, but satisfied. Meryl pulls off playing, yet another, female role model. More butter!

Mama Mia

Universal Pictures

Whether she is running her business with little help from anyone else, being a stellar mom to Sophie, or singing and dancing her heart out, Meryl Streep kills it in Mamma Mia. It might be the catchy tunes, or the heart-wrenching story, but we love this one. Here I go again!

The Post

via 20th Century Fox

It seems like Meryl Streep plays every type of woman we hope to be. In The Post, she is Katherine Graham, first female publisher of a major newspaper, and boy does Meryl do her justice.

Into The Woods

Into the Woods via Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

This adaptation of every fairy tale we could ever imagine features, you guessed it, Meryl Streep. She kills it as a scary witch, cursing people left and right. If anyone can bring fairy tales to life, it's you, Meryl.

The Irony Lady

via 20th Century Fox

It seems like Meryl Streep was born to play every great woman in history, so let's add Margaret Thatcher to the list. In this movie, we truly see by the professionalism with which Meryl approaches playing such an influential leader. A true masterpiece!

A Series of Unfortunate Events

via Paramount Pictures

So maybe the quirky Aunt Josephine isn't the role model we are used to seeing from Meryl, but she sure is a major part of our childhood favorite book series. So, of course, an icon like Meryl would take on that role.

Florence Foster Jenkins

Florence Foster Jenkins Via Paramount Pictures

Meryl Streep as the blindly ambitious Florence Foster Jenkins, is hilarious. Who doesn't love Meryl as a New York socialite trying desperately to be an opera singer with little to no talent or training? I know I do!

Sophie's Choice

via Universal Pictures

As one of Meryl's earlier works, this is certainly a classic. Getting to know Meryl's character, Sophie, as a holocaust survivor is chilling and beautiful. Meryl can fit into so many diverse roles!

The Bridges of Madison County

via Warner Bros.

This 1995 drama shows the despair of two lovers that met too late. Meryl's character is married, but falls in love with a photographer. It really makes your heart ache, in a good way!