Quiz: How Well Do You Remember The Grey's Anatomy "Holidaze" Episode?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

The holiday trifecta episode we will never forget.

This quiz asks about the Grey's Anatomy holiday episode, "Holidaze" (Season 6, Episode 10) when they celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.

 Nov 24, 2020

1 of 17Pick your asnwer!

Richard confesses to _____ that he struggles with alcoholism.

2 of 17Pick your asnwer!

Who does Mark meet for the first time in this episode?
His daughter, Sloan
His father

3 of 17Pick your asnwer!

Who accidentally cuts off a piece of their pinky finger when cooking Thanksgiving dinner?

4 of 17Pick your asnwer!

Cristina, Teddy, and Jackson decide to remove their patient, Kelsey's, ______.

5 of 17Pick your asnwer!

As Bailey is leaving for work, she is surprised by whom?
Her father
A former patient
Her mother

6 of 17Pick your asnwer!

What secret had Bailey been hiding from her parents?
She was temporarily fired
She had gotten divorced from Tucker
She had a son

7 of 17Pick your asnwer!

What is the patient, Kelsey's, favorite thing in the world?
Ice cream

8 of 17Pick your asnwer!

Mark, Arizona, and Derek operate on a child with which medical problem?
A severe concussion
He had no ears
A nose bleed that wouldn't stop

9 of 17Pick your asnwer!

How do Mark, Arizona, and Derek end up paying for the instrument needed to save the boy?
They personally wrote a check
They used their Christmas Bonuses
The boy's insurance covered it

10 of 17Pick your asnwer!

Who is throwing the Christmas Dinner?
Meredith & Derek
Owen & Cristina
Mark & Lexie

11 of 17Pick your asnwer!

What song do Owen, Richard and Arizona sing before dinner?
"Deck the Halls"
"Baby, It's Cold Outside"
"Blue Christmas"

12 of 17Pick your asnwer!

What gift did Mark's daughter, Sloan, buy for him? (with Lexie's money)
A snow globe of Seattle
A bottle of Whiskey

13 of 17Pick your asnwer!

How does Bailey suggest to help Kelsey make it through her surgery without anesthetics?
Bring in a fake snow machine
Let her watch her favorite Christmas movie
Have to doctors sing "Let it Snow" with her

14 of 17Pick your asnwer!

Why is Bailey's father upset at the dinner table?
No one cooked a ham
He thinks Bailey focuses too much on work over family
He is upset that Bailey won't be home on New Year's

15 of 17Pick your asnwer!

How does Lexie finally get Mark to talk to his daughter about moving out?
She threatens to withhold sex
She didn't clean for a week
She threatens to move out

16 of 17Pick your asnwer!

Where do Mark, Arizona, Derek, Meredith and Lexie celebrate New Year's Eve?
In the OR
Joe's Bar
At Meredith & Derek's

17 of 17Pick your asnwer!

Why does Joe page Meredith to come to the bar?
He was paging her for Derek
He was having a special on Tequila
Richard was drunk again
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