Hogwarts Quiz: Which Wand Fits Your Personality?

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Harry Potter via WarnerBros.

Do you love Harry Potter and everything to do with his world of magic and fun? Can you see yourself in Hogwarts or Diagon Alley living as a witch or wizard and using your wand to get things done? Ever wonder what wand would choose you?

This Harry Potter quiz will show you your own personal wand selection! You can finally find out what will work for you in the world of Potter!

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Wouldn't it be fun to live in Harry Potter's world and just flick your wand when you need to get things done? How about a messy room, one flick and it's neat again! How about getting ready for work-in a blink of an eye you are dressed and ready to go! Or a perfect dinner party for friends-wave that wand and it's all set to go! What type of wand is best for you? Would it be for a strong and practical witch or wizard? Or maybe dark and mysterious (with a little dash of evil) witch or wizard. Or it could be the creative and daring witch or wizard, who takes risks and makes changes! This is a quiz to help you find the perfect wand for your personality and your needs. You don't want just any wand. Come have a good time and fun finding out your perfect fit wand! Remember-the wand picks the wizard, after all!

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