10 Ways To Handle A Thursday Night Without Grey's Anatomy


Got your person? Check. Tequila? Check. Netflix? Check.

Everyone knows that on Thursday nights, we watch Grey's Anatomy. But, what are we supposed to do when ABC ever-so-inconveniently decides NOT to play a new episode of Grey's during the middle of a season? Nothing? No way! So, here's a list of 10 ways of dealing with a Thursday night without Grey's!

1. Don't Panic!


We know! Finding out that the thing that you look forward to all week isn't going to be on is devastating! But, no worries! You're still going to be in for a fun night! But remember to head out to the store to gather up any necessary supplies before settling in!

2. Open Up A Bottle Of Tequila


"More tequila, more love. More anything. More is better." Like Meredith, you might need a shot or two to get you through this rough time! And besides, if it's healthy enough for Mer, who is a world-class general surgeon, it must be fine, right? Right? Just maybe make sure you don't have anywhere to be tonight. Or tomorrow morning.

3. Wallow In Sadness


Does this need explaining? Why would you do this to us, ABC?! Why?? At least we all have each other. And our tequila.

4. But Not Too Much


Just make sure not to let this ruin your day! You can still have a great, Grey's-filled evening!

5. Enjoy Happiness Before Next Thursday Night


Let's be honest, it's pretty nice that you don't have to worry about Shonda Rhimes suddenly pulling another plane crash as soon as things start to calm down. Take this moment to just breathe and relax! Your favorites are safe for another week!

6. Chill With Your Person


Invite them over and hang out! Since Grey's already preaches how important your person is, might as well live it! That is if your person isn't already over because you watch Grey's together. In that case, just enjoy each other's company! (And take extra note to #5!)

7. Or Maybe Even Your Own McDreamy

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Or perhaps you should take this time to spend time with your significant other! Remember: "It's important to tell the people you love how much you love them while they can hear you."

8. Dance It Out

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Regardless if you're with your person, your own McDreamy, or if you're by yourself, dance it out! Be like Cristina and Mer! It really helps you feel better and it gets you off your feet!

9. Binge-Watch The First Season


Since you've got Grey's on the mind anyway, might as well start from the beginning, right? Nothing could possibly go wrong! But, hey, at least it'll be a good time!

10. Or Even Better: Watch All Of Grey's BIGGEST Moments!


Have you already seen the first season recently? Then you might be ready to relive every big conquest and tragedy! Just make sure to grab a tub of ice cream, some tissues, and your person, to prepare yourself for all the heartache!

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