Jason George Talks Ben & Bailey Separation: Divorce on the Horizon?

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Grey's Anatomy and Station 19: Ben and Bailey on Sabbatical

It's official. Love is dead. And so are the writers of Grey's Anatomy and Station 19.

Jokes aside, after last week's episode of Station 19, our hearts were shattered when Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) and Ben Warren (Jason George) decided to "take a sabbatical" from their marriage after Bailey revealed that her blood pressure is rising over concern for Ben's life. In other words, Ben is literally breaking her heart.

While Ben told Bailey that he believes this idea is "the first step on the road to divorce," the two share a goodbye kiss.

The news might come as a shock to many fans, but this storyline has been brewing ever since Ben became a firefighter. Bailey's anxiety and stress over her husband's dangerous job have been highlighted on Grey's Anatomy, so we saw the fight coming from a mile away. However, we didn't expect them to take a break from their marriage.

But is this really the end? Are Ben and Bailey going to get a divorce anytime soon? Actor Jason George has a few things to say about the couple's separation.

Are Ben and Bailey Getting a Divorce? Jason George Opens Up on the Couple's Sabbatical

While we're all pretty scared for the future of Ben and Bailey, George reassures fans that this is not the end.

"I think that last kiss was Ben's stamp to be like, just so we're clear, this right here is out there," George told ABC.

George also hints that this storyline is giving fans the drama they crave. He also hints that it's possible for Ben and Bailey to date other people.

"I want to see the most interesting things happen for the show," George said. "I always want to be entertained as a fan. You talk about Ben dating other folks and that trips me out, but that is a real possibility I guess."

However, George also predicts that Ben would not be okay if he saw Bailey dating someone else.

"Ben is a pretty calm dude," George said. "But I'm pretty certain that he would go off on someone, there would be a conversation. He'd be like, 'yeah, that's my lady. I know we're not together right now, but you go near her and we got a problem.'"

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While we're relieved to hear that these two aren't necessarily over, it's also alarming to hear that it's possible for Ben and Bailey to date other people at this point.

But where does the couple move from here?

Sure Ben and Bailey are taking a break now, but will this resolve Bailey's health issues if and when they get back together? Is it possible that Ben will return to Grey's Anatomy and leave firefighting behind for Bailey?

We're going to have to watch Station 19 and Grey's Anatomy to see how this unfolds.

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Do you support Ben and Bailey's decision to separate? Are you as heartbroken as we are?

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