Black Panther First Reactions Reveal Something 'Extraordinary'

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The reviews are in! The "Black Panther" first reactions have been exploding throughout the internet, and they reveal that viewers have something "extraordinary" coming to them! So, yes, we are excited!


Black Panther First Reactions Are Here

Black Panther premiered this Monday and we cannot contain our excitement from all the Black Panther reactions that have spread throughout the internet like wildfire. While the Marvel film isn't released to the public until February 16, critics and fans revealed their Black Panther first reactions, which made it clear that the upcoming film would be the best movie ever. From the cinematography to impeccable diversity to an incredibly important take on women, we can safely say that we are hyped. But, don't take our word for it. Here are the best Black Panther first reactions.


Black Panther First Reactions

It looks like Black Panther will be extraordinary on all fronts, and we're only getting a little taste. The full reviews of the film will be released on February 6 at 9 AM. But, here is how critics reacted to the Black Panther movie on Twitter.

Jen Yamato from the Los Angeles Times calls Black Panther "incredible, kinetic, purposeful. A superhero movie about why representation & identity matters, and how tragic it is when those things are denied to people. The 1st MCU movie about something real; Michael B. Jordan's Killmonger had me weeping and he's the VILLAIN."

Singer-songwriter, Jill Scott, even believes that Black Panther has "surpassed Star Wars." High praise, Miss Scott!

Natasha Alford from The Grio applauded the film's diversity and powerful representation. In addition to her tweet in which she praised the film for being a "masterpiece," Alford says "If you don't understand the power of representation, imagine growing up never seeing a superhero who looks like you. When American Girl dolls came out I always picked Addy who had to escape slavery. But now kids have #BlackPanther's Nakia, Shuri and Okoye. Dope on many levels."

Screenwriter James Gunn calls the film "extraordinary" and applauds Ryan Coogler's work.

ReBecca Theodore-Vachon from Entertainment Weekly makes it clear that this film is one you need to see.

"The representation of Black women in #BlackPanther made me feel seen," she wrote. "Seen in a way other superhero movies have not done well.

So, in case you were on the fence, you need to go see Black Panther. The film's first reactions say it all.

Black Panther End Credits Scene

The first reactions also revealed that there will be two post-credit scenes at the end of the film. So, stay tuned after the film! You won't want to miss it!

Watch Black Panther In Theaters On February 16th

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