Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Spoilers: Meredith Grey In A Twisted Love Triangle


The new Grey's Anatomy Season 14 trailer revealed that a major love triangle is coming!

Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Spoilers: Meredith Grey In A Twisted Love Triangle

Grey's Anatomy Season 14 is coming back soon! But, we're pretty damn scared for the Season 14 premiere. One question that's been on the mind of fans is what will happen between Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), Nathan Riggs (Martin Henderson), and Megan Hunt (Abigail Spencer)? Well, in the most recent Grey's Anatomy Season 14 trailer, it looks like Meredith will be put through the ringer again! Don't believe us? Check out the trailer here:

In the Grey's Anatomy Season 14 trailer, the ABC voiceover gave us one significant detail about the premiere:

"In the two-hour season premiere of Grey's, the return of an ex kicks off one twisted love triangle."

YIKES. So, Meredith's going to be in the middle of yet another love triangle, huh?

While this doesn't come to us at much of a surprise, considering there were already reports that Meredith would have second thoughts about her mature decision to let Riggs go, we're still a little disappointed Grey's choice to have Mer go through basically the same storyline she did in Season 2.

Perhaps we'll get to see Meredith handle this situation differently. But, as of now, it looks like the same old Meredith.

How do you feel about the Meredith/Riggs/Megan love triangle?

Grey's Anatomy Season 14 returns to ABC on September 28 at 8|7c!

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