Grey's Anatomy Star Ellen Pompeo Develops Legal Drama For ABC


Looks like Ellen Pompeo is getting shit done at ABC with 'Big Law'.

Ellen Pompeo has had a successful run with Grey's Anatomy for fourteen seasons and counting, and she doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon. However, it seems likes Ellen Pompeo is going to bring a little Grey's Anatomy drama into the courtroom with a new ABC drama called Big Law.

What Will Ellen Pompeo's Big Law Be About?

While Shondaland did law with How To Get Away With Murder, Pompeo will be heading in a different direction with Big Law. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the new show is described as a "modern look at a large LA law firm and what it takes to survive in our work obsessed society." Big Law will also feature the lives of lawyers both at home and at work, blurring the lines between the two.

Will Ellen Pompeo Quit Grey's Anatomy?

For those of you wondering what Ellen Pompeo's role is in the new ABC drama, she will be writing the script and be the executive producer alongside David Marshall Grant, who did shows like Looking, Code Black, and Brothers & Sisters. Pompeo has produced and written multiple scripts for Grey's Anatomy in the past, so this move is not as surprising as one may think. And although Pompeo is moving on to other projects like Big Law, her role on Grey's Anatomy seems pretty safe.

Are you excited to see Ellen Pompeo's 'Big Law'? We are!

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