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Here are your Libra yearly 2018 horoscopes and yes, this is one year to watch!

Yearly Libra 2018 Horoscope

Ready for the new year, Libra? We're not so sure we are! 2017 was a year of change, whether we liked it or not. But, now that we're gearing up for the start of a new year, we're happy to announce that your 2018 yearly horoscope is here, Libra babes! Hopefully, that will calm some of your nerves regarding the new year!

Dying to get your hands on your Libra2018 yearly horoscope? Whether it's love, career, or your overall overview of your year, we've got you! Are the stars in your favor for 2018? Let's see, shall we?

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And without further adieu, here's your yearly Libra 2018 horoscope!

Yearly Libra Horoscope 2018

September 23 – October 22

The focus is on you for 2018, Libra. Be prepared for people to look to you for advice and leadership. It will be easy and it will come naturally, so relax and enjoy the attention.

On New Year's Day, your planet Venus is empowered through a conjunction with the noble sun and with an applying conjunction with powerful Pluto. Exercise your authority with grace and generosity. This gives people more reasons to respect and love you.

The three Mercury retrogrades are all in fire signs. This may slow down a hectic daily life and then conclude with a great burst of energy, and more. In August, get creative and more elegant. In November and December, pace yourself and prepare for a sizzling holiday season.

The Mars retrograde from late June through late August could delay or redirect career plans, but it will end with a more stable career trajectory.

The Venus retrograde from October through the first half of November, ending in Libra, impacts you more. Love will reign supreme!

Yearly Gemini Love Horoscope 2018

If you're in a relationship:

In 2018, love is strong, serious, and sensual, Libra. Your partner may look to you to make more advances, but you can handle that. There will be plenty of time for playfulness, too.

Venus is a very strong influence in 2018, but she is not in the mood for much silliness. January and February may be months when both of you love your work and want to share that enthusiasm. Go for it.

When Mars is retrograde in late June through August, Venus is in Leo and Virgo. Have more one-on-one fun in June and July. Get cozier and more domestically happy in August.

When the sun enters Libra, Venus is in sexy Scorpio. Say what you mean, do what you say, and get closer and closer.

The Venus retrograde starts in early October in Scorpio and ends in the middle of November in Libra. This can intensify relationship issues. Hold off on any major joint purchases or travel plans until you know for sure that you're on the same page.

Yearly Libra Love Horoscope 2018

If you're single:

Love is looking for you in 2018, Libra, so you can afford to be picky. Trust your instincts, as usual, but first impressions could yield unexpected consequences.

A trine between the sun and Mars after the sun enters Libra will make Mars more of a friend to you this year. Passionate, forthright romantic prospects will come your way. Take your time and choose to suit yourself. Also, a square between the sun and Saturn should slow down reaction times and help you to be more discriminating.

March could be an exciting time when you meet someone who shares your fondest dreams. You might well decide that despite some minor friction, this person is worth it. Your call.

The Venus retrograde in October and the first half of November will also provide a pause if your social life or a certain budding relationship is starting to grow too quickly.

November and December should be warm, stable times when romance is as comforting as it is sizzling.

Libra Yearly Career Horoscope 2018

Business, career, and finances look strong and vibrant this year, Libra. There may be a few times, mostly in late March or April, when a partner's or co-worker's misjudgment creates a small setback or confusion. You have plenty of skills to deal with such things, however.

A sun-Mercury conjunction in September will keep you quick-witted and creative all year long.

If a number of prospective partners or associates approach you with business offers this year, exercise more caution than usual. They may be valid suggestions but more for the long-term than the short-term.

Handle finances with care and there will be fewer surprises, if any, to slow down your cash flow. Uranus is transitioning from Aries into Taurus, to be in Taurus from the middle of May through early November. Watch for money ups and downs then.

Jupiter is retrograde from March until early July. It's easier then to spend less and save more.

Happy New Year! We hope it treats you well!

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