4 Best Relaxation Apps That Work When You're Feeling Stressed

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Destress with us!

The Best Relaxation Apps That Actually Work

We know life can be stressful at times. From work-related nonsense to families that don't always agree, sometimes all you need to do is break away from it all so that you can get back to a happier, calmer place.

Today, we've gathered a few of our favorite relaxation apps that have helped us deal with and manage our stress and anxiety. And yes, we would say that it improved our quality of life immensely.

So if you're curious and want to check out a few of our favorite relaxation apps that have worked for us, then continue reading.

Pacifica - Stress & Anxiety

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Buy it from iTunes here and Google Play here

As one of the highest rated and free relaxation apps on the market, we love the Pacifica app for stress and anxiety. Made with a beautiful interface, the app not only has ways to help you meditate and target specific needs, it has a daily habit tracker that can help you get back one track with your own body and mind.

Serenity: Meditation

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Buy it from iTunes here and Google Play here

While the Serenity app is limited and you might want to unlock a few in-app purchases down the line, we were sold by the free 7-day audio course, which really helped us set our own meditation goals. The app also has guides on techniques that help us sleep and relieve stress.

Calm - Meditate, Sleep, Relax

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Buy it from iTunes here and Google Play here

If you need help sleeping, relaxing, and meditating, then Calm is the app for you. This is true the resource to have in your arsenal if you stress easily. Not only are there tons of helpful meditation guides, but the app also comes with sleep stories and breathing exercises that help you relax one step at a time.

SpinTree - Relax and meditate with trees

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Buy it from Google Play here

While this app is only available in Google Play, this relaxation game is perfect for anyone who wants to relax by taking their mind off the world around them. It's fun, beautiful to look at, and truly takes you away when you're feeling stressed or anxious.

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