4 Tips on Staying Healthy as a Stay-at-Home Mom (2018)

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Let's get down to business!

Tips for Staying Healthy as a Stay-at-Home Mom

Being a stay-at-home mom is one of the hardest jobs you can have and it gets less than half the recognition it deserves.

From taking care of the kids to holding down the household, there are a million things to do, which leaves very little time for you. Luckily, that's all about to change (hopefully) with our tips on how to stay healthy as a stay-at-home-mom.

Whether you're seeking some killer tips on how to implement self-care to your routine or you simply are looking for new workout methods to stay healthy with a busy schedule, we have you completely covered.

And remember, you are worth it!

1. Practice Self-Care

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No matter what you do, you need to start investing time in yourself. Whether it's treating yourself to a nice face mask every night or if you want to take a nice luxurious bubble bath filled with essential oils to calm you down before bed, implement something for you in your evening or morning routine that is simply just for you.

Also, make sure to prioritize things like sleep, exercise, and taking time out to go to your annual check-ups.

2. Exercise With Your Kids

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Speaking of exercise, if you can't find enough time to exercise alone, you can always try to exercise with your children and other family members as an activity. Here are some activities you can try:

  • Walks after meals
  • Yardwork and/or gardening
  • Dog Walks
  • Outdoor sports like basketball, soccer, football, etc.
  • Indoor workouts like planking, crunches, lunges, and planking (Hint: You can search Youtube for great workouts at home)

3. Don't Forget to Eat Breakfast

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You need to make sure that you start off your day right. And that definitely includes eating a healthy breakfast, which is most definitely the most important meal of the day.

Breakfast gives you the strength and energy to push you through the day, which could really mean anything for a stay-at-home mom. So make sure you fuel your body with the nutrition it needs to tackle the day.

4. Reach Out to Adults

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Whether you have to vent, you need some advice, or if you have just been spending too much time with your kids, then reaching out and finding your own community of people (who are not children) is a good idea.

Just remember that you aren't alone and community is an important aspect of life for everyone. You can even reach out to other women who are also stay-at-home mothers and fathers to share experiences and start discussions.

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