This Grey's Anatomy Season Finale Teaser Has Us Freaking Out!

And NOT in a good way!

Warning: Spoilers for Grey's Anatomy Season 13 finale ahead!

It looks like Grey's Anatomy fans can't catch a break! Showrunner Shonda Rhimes and executive producer Debbie Allen have already teased a finale that is on fire. Now, Allen hits fans with even more concerning spoilers. And believe us when we say that we're terrified for our favorite doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Allen revealed that there would be two things that fans need to watch out for.

It definitely looks like something HUGE (and possibly emotionally draining and insanely dramatic) is about to happen!

Allen then revealed that many romantic relationships on Grey's will either be "embroiled or solidified" by the end. Meredith and Riggs, who we just saw give in to their feelings, will get some news that will change everything, while Jo and Alex will be going through some difficult decisions as well.

Then Allen casually slipped in that there would be lives in danger!

Topping it off, Allen teased that there will be several instances that will "plant more seeds that fuel the fire for what is going to happen next season."

WHAT?! She can't just leave us hanging with that! We're freaking out here!

With no solid answer on what exactly is happening, other than a few very worrisome spoilers, fans will just have to emotionally prepare themselves for the finale. Grab the tissues and tequila. It definitely looks like this one's going to put us through hell.

What do you think will happen in the season finale??

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