When Will Vikings Season 5 Be On Amazon Prime?

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When Will Vikings Season 5 Be On Amazon Prime?

Wondering when will Vikings season 5 be on Amazon Prime? You're not alone. After Ragnar's death in season 4, we've been dying to know how the rest of the series plays out on the History Channel. Luckily for us, the first half of Vikings season 5 (5A) has aired and we couldn't be happier with how it happened. Or scared, to be honest. How will season 5B go? Well, we already know that there will be "significant deaths" in the upcoming half of season 5. So, it's going to be a hell of a ride. That's for sure. Can you take it? We don't know if we can, either! And while we don't have a confirmation on the Vikings season 5 midseason premiere, do we know when Vikings season 5A will be on Amazon Prime? We need to catch up on the show before it comes back!

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Can You Watch Vikings Season 5 On Amazon?

As of right now, you can watch all of season 5A of Vikings on Amazon Video. This does not mean that you can watch the season as part of your Amazon Prime membership. Sadly, it looks like the season is not currently available for Prime, but you can buy each episode on Amazon right now to watch individual episodes or the whole season if you choose. However, if you have an Amazon Prime account, it might be worth the wait because 5A will be added eventually. Speaking of, when is the Vikings season 5 release date on Amazon Prime?

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When Is The Vikings Season 5 Release Date On Amazon Prime?

Sadly, History Channel has yet to announce the date for the new season of Vikings to be added to Amazon Prime. But, we're definitely crossing our fingers for some new information soon, especially since 5B is coming out soon! Don't fret and make sure to check back with this post. We will let you know when Vikings season 5 will be on Amazon Prime.

However, we expect for Vikings season 5A to be in Amazon's Prime queue in just a short few months. The season 4B finale aired in early February of 2017 and the show was added to Amazon Prime in May of 2017. This was only 3 months of waiting. Vikings' season 5 midseason finale aired in late January, which means that 5A could be added to Prime in late April. And yes, that is this month. So, we'll definitely make sure to keep our antennas up! We're just as excited to binge-watch the new season as you are!

Update: It looks like we were right! Vikings season 5 is coming to Amazon Prime on April 24th. So, set your calendars, kids! With The Handmaid's Tale also coming out that week, we don't think we'll be able to leave the house.