Where To Watch 'Killing Eve' Online | Season 1

'Killing Eve' via BBC America

Where To Watch 'Killing Eve' Online | Season 1

Are you loving Killing Eve season 1 so far? We're loving it. And we bet you're asking where to watch Killing Eve online for free and to buy. And we don't blame you! Sandra Oh's performance as Eve Polastri is definitely a sight to see, especially since this is her first television show since Grey's Anatomy, and Jodie Comer's Villanelle is a treat to watch. Killing Eve is honestly everything. Our new favorite obsession. So, what's coming for our favorite new duo? We don't know! That's the beauty of this show. It's unpredictable and fantastic! You won't want to miss a moment! Here's where you can watch Killing Eve season 1 online and on your television. Happy watching!

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'Killing Eve' via BBC America

Where Can I Watch Killing Eve Season 1 On Television?

Looks like Killing Eve season 1 will be available to watch on BBC America every Sunday at 8/7c for the next eight weeks. And if you're joining us from across the pond, you can watch Killing Eve on BBC One in a primetime slot and then on boxset on BBC Three iPlayer later this year. Can't catch the new episode as it airs on live television? Don't fret!

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'Killing Eve' via BBC America

Can I Watch Killing Eve Season 1 Online On BBC America For Free?

If you aren't able to watch Killing Eve when it comes out on BBC America live on television, then rest assured, the network's website has your back! Just remember to turn off your ad-blocker and you'll be set to watch Killing Eve online free. Yes, you can watch season 1 online free when you want through BBC America's official website. However, you'll only have 80 days to watch online through BBC's website once the episode airs. After that,the episode will expire and you'll have to find other means of watching your favorite new show. Luckily, there are other ways to watch Killing Eve online!

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'Killing Eve' via BBC America

Killing Eve Season 1: Watch Online

Dying to watch Killing Eve season 1 online? Well, probably not as much as Eve wants to kill Villanelle and vice versa, right? Just kidding. We know you desperately want to watch the new hit series whenever and wherever you can for the rest of time. If you're into Luckily, you have a few options, from Amazon to iTunes! We've got you covered.

You can purchase Killing Eve episodes on Amazon Video for $2.99 for each episode or $20.99 for the whole season, which is slightly cheaper than buying all eight episodes. This allows you to watch individual episodes or the entire season as it comes out on the BBC.

You also have the option of buying Killing Eve season 1 on iTunes for the same price as Amazon for individual episodes or $19.99 for the entire season. This makes things a little cheaper for iTunes. But, only by a dollar. You'll also get access to closer looks into the episodes if you buy the whole season. But, they're only minute snippets.

But, what about subscription platforms? Can you watch Killing Eve online through Netflix and Hulu?

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'Killing Eve' via BBC America

Where Can I Watch Killing Eve Season 1 Online: Hulu, Netflix, And Amazon Prime

Sad news, Killing Eve fans! It looks like you won't get to watch Killing Eve season 1 on Hulu as of now. Until BBC America makes a deal with Hulu in the near future, we won't see the series hit the popular streaming platform anytime soon.

However, there's still hope for Killing Eve on Netflix soon after the series ends on BBC America. Other BBC shows such as Sherlock, Broadchurch, and *Luther have all been added to Netflix, and it's possible that Killing Eve could be on Netflix eventually.

But, could there be a bidding war? We know that widely popular BBC shows like Doctor Who are on Amazon Prime rather than Netflix, so what does this mean for Killing Eve? We're going to have to wait and see who wins the new BBC America show for their streaming service, because we know this one is a catch.

Until we know which streaming service Killing Eve season 1 will land on, the possibilities are up in the air. So, stay tuned! We'll update you as soon as we get confirmation from BBC America!

Curious about this upcoming season? Here's everything we know about Killing Eve season 1 so far!

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'Killing Eve' via BBC America

Killing Eve Season 1 Description

Here's what's happening this season on Killing Eve? Here's what BBC America has to say about what we have to look forward to:

Eve's life as a spy is not adding up to what she had hoped it would be when she started. She is a bored, very smart, MI5 security officer who is very desk-bound. Villanelle is a very talented killer, mercurial in mood, who clings to the luxuries of her job. Eve and Villanelle go head to head in a fierce game of cat and mouse, each woman equally obsessed with the other as Eve is tasked with hunting down the psychopathic assassin.

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'Killing Eve' via BBC America

Killing Eve Season 1 Trailer

Do you need to see what's coming this season? It's ok. We don't blame you. Here's the trailer for season 1.

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'Killing Eve' via BBC America

Killing Eve Season 1 Cast

Main Killing Eve Cast

Sandra Oh as Eve Polastri

Jodie Comer as Villanelle

Kirby Howell-Baptiste as Elena Felton

Fiona Shaw as Carolyn Martens

Kim Bodnia as Konstantin

David Haig as Bill Pargrave

Sean Delaney as Kenny Stowton

Owen McDonnell as Niko Polastri

Darren Boyd as Frank Haleton

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'Killing Eve' via BBC America

Watch Killing Eve every S

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