16 Koalafied Zoo Instagram Captions

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Lovin' the zoo this summer? Check out these Instagram captions for your social media followers.

16 Hilarious Zoo Instagram Captions


We all love the zoo. From the impeccable research done at most of these establishments to the joy they give to the public, what better way to celebrate your day at the zoo than with some fantastic zoo Instagram captions. Because your photos deserve the best and you should be spending the day enjoying the sights and animals, not trying to think of a clever IG caption.

So, whether you're heading on over to the petting zoo or you're spending your day around all the incredible animals, we've got the best Instagram captions for your next visit to the zoo.

Best Zoo Captions for Instagram

β€’ Let's get wild!

β€’ It's a jungle out there.

β€’ Where the wild things are.

β€’ All creatures are great and small.

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Funny Zoo Puns for Instagram Captions

β€’ This animal has the necessary koalafications.

β€’ This is pandamonium!

β€’ You hippocrite!

β€’ They are giraffing me crazy.

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Cute Instagram Captions for Petting Zoo

β€’ I zoo. Do you?

β€’ Born to be wild!

β€’ I'm not food, I swear!

β€’ Just horsin' around at the zoo.

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Witty & Good Zoo Instagram Captions to Inspire Creativity

β€’ Every animal has his or her story.

β€’ Life is a zoo in a jungle.

β€’ It's all happening at the zoo.

β€’ "The city is not a concrete jungle. It is a human zoo." – Desmond Morris