Inside Out Quiz: What % Joy Are You?

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Walt Disney Studios

No, it doesn't ALWAYS have to be sunshine and rainbows with Joy (but, most of the time, probably).

Whether you consider yourself like Pixar's Joy or not, try out these personality questions to determine what % of this leading lady lives within you!

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Pixar's "Inside Out" was praised for its visualization of emotion, imagination, and the brain - and we can totally see (and agree) why. Whether you think of yourself as ruled by a mustached Anger like Riley's dad or Sadness like Riley's mom, there is quite a bit of all of the other emotions in each of us. Do you know how much of your control panel is ruled by Joy? Answer the following personality questions, and we will let you know what % of this positive Pixar character you might be! (Yes, the answers may surprise you!)

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